Saturday, June 15, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said...Why Is Child Support Enforcement Calling 661.244.9852, N'Shit?

Matt sheds testosterone…Jay sheds testosterone…You, are enthralled by their manliness.

Jay:  How was the viewing and the funeral?
Matt:  How do you think it was?  My dead brother laid there lifeless.
Jay:  I understand, but did he look good?
Matt:  Yeah he did, not too bad.  He was working it.
Jay:  That’s nice.

Matt: So…this Sunday should we do a Favorite Monster Movie show?
Jay: Duuuuuude.  This Sunday is Father’s Day.
Matt:  Oh Hell…that’s right…Should we do a, Favorite Dad’s Monster Movie Show?
Jay:  Are you even listening to yourself?
Matt:  What did you just say?  I didn’t hear you; I am busy listening to myself.

Jay:  Dude…Matt-Man…I know your brother died, you are not quite yourself right now, but suck it up.
Matt:  What?  I’m fine…It’s those three Jager-bombs I shot down in three seconds in his honor.
Jay:  I think it is sad that you honor your brother’s memory that way.
Matt:  Me too…If I was three years younger , I could have chugged FIVE down in three seconds.

Jay:  Wow, that’s pretty impressive.  I remember when I wa---wait a minute.  We need to talk show talk.
Matt:  Eh…okay.
Jay:  I thought we could talk father talk.
Matt:  That sounds creepy…and sexy!!
Jay:  No, not that way you Jager-Bomb perv.
Matt:  Oh?

Jay:  Yes…this Sunday we will can talk about our dads.
Matt: And we could talk about HOT dads.
Jay:  Oh yeah, and perhaps, famous shitty dads who aren’t so great!!
Matt:  Sounds good, so “shake it off.”

Jay:  Shake what off?
Matt:  Whatever…My dad, no matter what happened….that was his go to phrase.
Jay:  Awesome.
Matt:  Yeah Jayman, my brother Vince just died, and my dad is up in heaven saying, “Shake it off, Vince!!”

Jay:  You should have saved that line for the show.
Matt:  I’ll use it again, because as I type this, I am pretty drunk, so I won’t remember.
Jay:  Spoken like a true man whom we will be celebrating this Sunday.

Matt: Damn right, because we are not merely celebrating fathers this Sunday…we are celebrating MEN!!
Jay:  I’m down with that, in fact…since it is a celebration of men, we should call it the, Manabration!!
Matt:  Man…where do you come up with this shit; you are amazing!
Jay:  Word.

Matt:  So I guess we are set for our IWS Radio Show that will air LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET, this Sunday.
Jay:  Damn right…We’ll be celebrating fathers and men in general, while taking your calls at 661.244.9852.
Matt: That’s HOT.
Jay:  It’s not only HOT…It’s MAN HOT!!

Matt:  You ready?
Jay:  In my best manly voice I say….YES!!

See ya there Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio…


jAMiE said...

Yay! There is a show Sunday...bring it on, boys!

I'm With Stupid said...

It's gonna be mantastic!!!!


I'm With Stupid said...

In true manly fashion, I am going to be hungover and unshowered during the show. Cheers!!