Saturday, January 19, 2013

Matt Said...Jay Said...Um...Let Me Get Back to You on Which Number This Is

Matt has the kvorka.  Jay has the kvorka.  You sit spellbound…

Matt:  Don’t you know it’s 10 o’clock here?
Jay:  You told me to call you.
Matt:  I didn’t say call me now.
Jay:  Yes, you did.
Matt:  I must be drunk.
Jay:  Of course you are.
Matt:  Eh, you’re probably right; I have no idea anymore.

Jay:  Y’know…Since we talked about the assholes of the world this week, we should…
Matt:  Talk about how you and I have over the years, been assholes ourselves?
Jay:  Exactly.  I mean, I’m sure the moments have been few and far between, but...
Matt:  Damn right.  We’re great guys.  Always on the up and up, but sometimes…we falter.
Jay:  Or something.

Matt:  I remember one night when I went out to eat with a buddy of mine, after dinner, I (listen to find out.)
Jay:  Ha….I once (listen to find out) to (listen to find out).
Matt:  Oh wow!!
Jay:  I know, right!?

Matt:  Should I talk about the time I said (listen to find out) about (listen to find out)?
Jay:  Totally.  Which reminds me; I once said (listen to find out) to (listen to find out).
Matt:  Seriously?
Jay:  Oh Hell Yeah.
Matt:  Damn, that was pretty ghetto.
Jay:  Oh yeah, I got some brutha in me from somewhere, mister.

Matt:  Should I mention the time that I hurled (listen to find out) at the (listen to find out) in HS?
Jay:  That was pretty mean……so yes, you should.
Matt:  Uh-huh…Setting me up to be the bad guy are you?  What about when you (listen to find out.)?
Jay:  That’s an internet rumor that I can neither confirm nor deny.

Matt:  Well, we’ll find out Saturday night at 11 PM ET.
Jay:  Damn right.  We’ll do the Jerk Store Show and call ourselves out on being assholes.
Matt:  Can we really fill that up for 45 minutes?
Jay:  Ha…You alone could fill up 2 hours of talking about being an asshole.
Matt:  That was hurtful.
Jay:  I know, but as you said on Twitter…”not untrue.”
Matt:  You keep very good records.
Jay:  That’s part of being an asshole.

Matt:  Word.
Jay: (ding)  Oooooooooo, my muffins are done; gotta go!!

So…Join Jay and Matt tonight, Saturday January 19th at 11 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.  They are outting themselves as assholes…well, to themselves because you already knew that.

To listen to all the frivolity LIVE tonight at 11 PM ET click HERE, and enjoy being an asshole with Jay and Matt tonight LIVE at 11 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.


I'm With Stupid said...

I've been struggling to remember times when I have been an asshole to someone, but it's not easy. I think I might have blocked a few of them out. Maybe some hard liquor will bring it all back. Or create new memories of assholery.


I'm With Stupid said...

I know better.


Mike said...

AARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! That picture! It's HIM! Right now I'm trying to choke my computer screen.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Ha. Cheers Mike.