Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Human Trafficking Is A Challenge

Cheeeeers Chuckleheads, Matt-Man here, and let me tell you…

While I do love a challenge, today, I may be facing the biggest challenge of my life.  One that perhaps, I will be unable to conquer.

I have met and overcome many a challenge during my lifetime…

Even though being born the baby of nine children, I survived the myriad of beatings and constant ridicule foisted upon me by my eight older siblings.

After a mediocre first year playing Little League baseball, I went on to win MVP of my team, twice.  When one is nearly 48 years old and struggles to get out of bed in the morning, one clings to that accomplishment like grim death, and yes…I still have the trophies.

When I was 18 and in a band as the vocalist with three older guys who were pretty damn good musicians, our drummer quit.  I taught myself how to play the drums and continued to be the lead singer.  Not an easy task, unless of course you’re the superlative, Don “Pretentious Man” Henley.  What a dick.

After that band broke up, the guitar player and I stuck together, hired a chick to sing, and I taught myself how to play keyboards.  See?  Another problem solved, and challenge met.

I used to hear, “Oh yeah you think you’re so funny, why don’t you go onstage and do a stand-up act?” I did for two years, and actually made a little bit of money at it during that time.  Challenge conquered.

I have lost my mom and dad, two brothers, and recently had an incredible scare with Schmoop, and yet, have persevered through it all.  Sadly at times yes, but persevered nonetheless.

People have told me that it is not possible to remain married 25 years and all the while live with another woman who is not my wife for 12 of those years.  Ha, I have made those nay-sayers my Bitch!!

Others, in their trying to stick-it-to-me bravado, have boldly, and in my face mind you, told me that I have to grow up at some point.

Ha Ha Ha Ha…

Nearly 48 years old and I still laugh at farts, still laugh at hot dog packages that say, serving size: one weiner, and still laugh at the fact that Schmoop and I named our less than bright cat Corky, after the Downs Syndrome kid from the TV series, Life Goes On.

Oh yeah…People do not realize that one can still act like a 12 year old and still cope with, and manage adulthood.  Suckahs!!

With all that being said, here’s the problem, and the aforementioned conundrum that I have…Today’s challenge could be a bit much for even me.  You see…

Today, LIVE at 11 AM ET on Blog Talk Radio, Jayman and I are doing a serious IWS Radio show that revolves around the brutality of Human Trafficking.  We will even have a guest on who has immersed herself in fighting these human injustices and indignities.

And here is the challenge that I face…

Can I be serious during this show? Will I be able to refrain from making crass jokes about the flesh trade being high in cholesterol, and stop myself from making sarcastic remarks about forced labor in chicken processing plants leaving everyone with egg on their face?

I pray that I can.  After all…I have met the enemy of challenges and they have been mine.  But this one?

This one is a toughie.

To find out if I and Jayman as well, can meet this challenge, listen to our IWS Human Trafficking Show with special guest Katherine, LIVE TODAY at 11 AM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

You can listen LIVE at 11 AM ET by clicking HERE.




I'm With Stupid said...

You can do it Matt-Man. I know you can.

THIS ... Will be your finest hour.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: With you being shoulder to shoulder with me, I know it can be, and I know it will be...Probably. Cheers Jayman!!


katherine. said...

You guys were both great hosts. I am grateful for your leading questions, and for the research you did before hand.

It was my pleasure to chat with you this morning.

Thanks much.

I'm With Stupid said...

Kat: Why thanks and thanks much for being our guest. I'm sure we will do it again sometime. Thanks again Kat. Cheers!!