Saturday, December 29, 2012

Matt Said Jay Said Negative One Million

Matt grumbles, Jay grumbles, You nod in agreement.

Matt: Yo
Jay: Yo Yo
Matt: What do you want?
Jay: I don’t want a fucking thing.
Matt: Good cause I don’t have anything.
Jay: I know the feeling.
Matt: Word.
Jay: So how’s it going.
Matt: The same.
Jay: Well that sucks.
Matt: Uh-huh … How ‘bout you?
Jay: Same here too.
Matt: Sorry to hear that.
Jay: How’s Schmoop?
Matt: The same.
Jay: Fuck, this is depressing.
Matt: The whole world is depressing!
Jay: Yes it is. And it’s not going to get any better.

Matt: Fuck no it isn’t.
Jay: Not on any level.
Matt: Nope.
Jay: I’m giving up all hope.
Matt: I already beat you to it.
Jay: Of course you did.
Matt: Well, it’s true.
Jay: I know. Hey. Les Miz opened big!
Matt: Fuck those people!
Jay: The actors or the characters?
Matt: Both, but mostly the characters.
Jay: Really? The epic struggle of good vs. evil?
Matt: Evil always wins in the end.
Jay: People living in desperate situations.
Matt: They’re living the high life compared to me.
Jay: I’m a ray of fucking sunshine compared to you.
Matt: And that’s pretty bad cause your committed to pessimism.
Jay: Pessimism is the only thing I’ve never walked away from.
Matt: True dat.

Jay: So what are we talking about Saturday?
Matt: Who cares?
Matt: Exactly!
Jay: What’s the point of even doing a show?
Matt: There isn’t one.
Jay: That’s because there’s no point to ANYTHING!
Matt: That’s pretty damn deep brothah!
Jay: Well, we could just do a “Good Riddance 2012” show.
Matt: Hey, I kinda like that.
Jay: We can give 2012 the virtual finger.
Matt: Verbally too.
Jay: Right. And preview 2013
Jay: Well, I know. But this show isn’t.
Matt: Oh hell no it’s not.
Jay: Because we freaking rock!
Matt: We’re here to entertain the masses.
Jay: It’s all about them.
Matt: Damn right.
Jay: Aight! You ready to do this?
Matt: I’m fired up!

There you go. A couple of eternal pessimists in action! Don’t forget to listen to our “Good Riddance 2012” show on I’m With Stupid on Saturday night at 11 PM ET!!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Cars will be upside down on the streets and dumpsters burning brightly when we are done with this one. Cheers Jayman!!


Jo said...

Cynical bastards. When life hands you lemons, just smoke crack!

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: And in other areas dumpster will be turned upside down and cars will be set on fire. Just to be different!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jo: I prefer "Realist" haha ;-)


Gnetch said...

I'm pretty sure 2013 is going to be a dick, just like 2012.

Jay said...

Gnetch: I have very low expectations for 2013.