Saturday, August 25, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said LII

Jay said a few things, Matt said a few things, You weren’t there so you don’t know what was REALLY said.

Matt: Yo
Jay: What it do?
Matt: It do. It do.
Jay: True dat.
Matt: MmmHmmm
Jay: Yup
Matt: So the Schmoop Show put up some numbers.
Jay: Damn good numbers.
Matt: People love Schmoop.
Jay: Oh yeah! Lots.
Matt: You were pretty good too.
Jay: Awww shucks. I just happened to be the other one with a working phone.
Matt: That damn cell phone still doesn’t work.
Jay: It better not!
Matt: Oh yeah! It would suck if it started working after the show.

Jay: So what are you doing tonight?
Matt: Well now that I can’t go legitimately rape anyone, nothing!
Jay: That damn Todd Akin!
Matt: Ruined it for everyone!
Jay: I know, right?!? And, I’m all confused now.
Matt: Exactly! I can’t figure legitimate from illegitimate rape.
Jay: How can I concentrate on the task at hand if I’m all confused?
Matt: You can’t!
Jay: NO! I can’t.
Matt: That bastard.
Jay: Took all the fun out it.
Matt: For both me AND my victim.
Jay: Oh yeah! And what about the victim? He totally ruined it for her too.
Matt: So damn inconsiderate.
Jay: Rude.
Matt: Thoughtless
Jay: He’s just a bad person.
Matt: The worst.

Jay: But, you know who is a GREAT person?
Matt: Your mother.
Jay: Damn right buddy.
Matt: We should have her on the show.
Jay: Brilliant idea!!!
Matt: I like it.
Jay: I love it!!!!
Matt: Jay, too many exclamation points.
Jay: Not possible dude!
Matt: You’re probably right.
Jay: We can talk about her going to Little Rock Central the year they integrated.
Matt: Oooooo that’s good right there.
Jay: Yup, and then about living in Yellville AR.
Matt: And the early days of Rock ‘n Roll!
Jay: Totally!
Matt: And God only knows what I’ll come up with.
Jay: Oh man.
Matt: Don’t worry, you can trust me.
Jay: Umm .. Yeah, totally.
Matt: Another HUGE SHOW!
Jay: I can’t wait!
Matt: Okay, I gotta go.
Jay: Me too. Night Sugar Britches.
Matt: Night Pookie.

There you go! Our brilliants spewed all over your computer screen. Also, be sure to join us Sunday at 12 Noon ET for a very special I’m With Stupid as we will interview Jay’s mother! This one could be awesome or get really awkward. Or it could be awesomely awkward!


I'm With Stupid said...

I'm thinking awesomely awkward, which in my book is AWESOME!! Cheers Jayman and cute pic!! Hee.


Mike said...

Jay, see if your Mom remembers Mrs. Ryker at Central. She was the principles' secretary. She was also my aunt.

Jo said...

Your mom rocks, Jay, it's going to be a great show!

You guys keep mentioning Akin and my hoohah gets mad all over again!!!