Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carrie Welch...The Little Green Pickle That Could

Cheers food lovers!!

Guess what is happening this Sunday July 8th live at Noon ET on the I’m With Stupid Radio Show?

Jayman and I will be chatting with the lovely, talented, and Yum-O Carrie Welch for the entire IWS Radio show which airs beginning at High Noon ET on Blog Talk Radio.

Oh sure, you may not know Carrie Welch off hand, or directly, but let me tell ya…

Carrie worked for the Food Network for ten years, and ultimately became VP of Public Relations (and other duties as assigned), and wound up putting together shows based around renown chefs such as…

Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Ina Garten, and of course the Ace of Cakes hizzelf, Duff Goldman.

If you love food, the Food Network, and culinary celebs, you’ll love this show.

In 2010, Carrie made like a walking taco and on a paper plate smelling of an illiterate American’s interpretation of what Mexican food should be and taste like, adios-ed the Food Network, and along with some pretty sexy help (judging by the profile pictures of the team on her website), began her own company, Little Green Pickle.

At the Portland-based Little Green Pickle, Carrie continues to help chefs, restaurants, and community organizations be all that they can be through her experience in television, public relations, and social media.

Carrie also has a large and loving hand in working with Feast Portland, a festival that takes place September 20-23, which benefits the organizations, Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon, and Share Our Strength.

Carrie Welch has accomplished a lot and will certainly accomplish much more as she is only at the tender age of…?

Well we don’t know…and it doesn’t matter, because we know judging by her picture she is a helluva lot younger than either Jayman or I, and sadly, has accomplished much more than both of us combined in her young life.

In fact, maybe Jayman and I, after doing our show with Carrie Welch will do a show about our faults, misgivings, and failures.  It would be a perfect lead in.  Good God, I am always thinking.  But I digress…

Anyway, Ms. Welch has done and continues to do many wonderful things in her life involving the food and culinary industry, and on top of that?

Simply through a few emails with her, and a comment on the IWS website from her, we know that she is full of BAM, Awesome Sauce, and Yum-O.  So…

This Sunday, tell everyone whom you know to be a fooodie or just enjoy happy people, that Carrie Welch will be on IWS live at Noon ET on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio.

Always happy hosts, and what appears to be an uber-happy and knowledgeable guest, is a recipe for a great show.

In the meantime…

Jayman and I had one helluva Independence Day Celebration on IWS Radio yesterday…Smack me on the ass and call me Paul Revere’s horse.  We rocked Independence Hall yesterday.  And if you missed it, you can catch it all in archives right here:



I'm With Stupid said...

Hell yeah! This is gonna be the best podcast in the history of podcasts with the best guest in the history of guests!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: Well duh....Man we are gonna turn the culinary industry and all of Blog Talk Radio on its collective head. Or should that be heads? Man, now I'm nervous.

Cheers Jayman!!


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome post and I can't wait for the show! Carrie Welsh is talented, a great sport and couldn't be in better hands than the two of you! :) Miss

I'm With Stupid said...

Miss: Yes, yes should could be in better hands than the two of us, and typically probably is...Oh who I am kidding? You're right!! Cheers Miss!!


Jo said...

Wowie, this is a big deal! Well you know I'll be there. She's still in the foodie biz so I'm not sure if she can answer some of my questions:

1) Is Rachel Ray actually a big thumb puppet?
2) If not, are RR's cankles as mesmerizing in person as they are on TV?

Yay, I'm excited for you!

I'm With Stupid said...

Jo: That's funny. I had those two exact questions already on my list. Cheers and Thanks Jo!!


Dana said...

Forwarding a link to your blog to Doggy-Bloggy right now ;)

I'm With Stupid said...

Dana: Ha...Nice!! Cheers Dana!!