Saturday, June 23, 2012

IWS...Hatin' the Haters...and Lookin' for Some Facebook Love of Our Own.

Hiya Chuckleheads!!

Matt-Man here, and yes, I know, we usually do MSJS on Saturdays, but I have a few housekeeping items I would like to cover in regards to the IWS website and radio show.

First of all, Jayman and I would like to thank Carrie Welch, the former VP of Public Relations of The Television Food Network for commenting on Thursday’s post, a post which included a quasi-real, albeit not exactly true replication of what she most definitely did not actually say to Jayman in reference to his Wednesday post about how The Food Network these days, pretty much sucks.

Ms. Welch actually finds us funny and intimated in her comment that she would like to be a guest on our show sometime, which we would truly enjoy.

Let’s just hope that the lovely and fun-loving Ms. Welch’s remark is more truthful than the letter I wrote in her name.  But seriously, it was very nice of her, and we will beg her to be on work on scheduling her for a show in the very near future.


Did you know that IWS Radio has a Facebook Page?  No, we really do, it’s true!!  And…

156 of you adorable heathens know that, however…

Many of you have not “liked” our IWS Facebook Page.  In a word?  That’s just not right.

I mean c’mon…Everyday, either on the website and/or the radio twice a week, we provide you with quality entertainment at a fair price, and what do we get in return?

A mere 156 likes on our FB page and a whole lotta heartache.  It pains me to tell you that being the manly men that Jayman and I are, we sometimes cry over that fact, but….we do.

We’re only human, folks…and we yearn for your love, or in this case…your “like.”

Hell tell your friends to “like” us; you don’t even have to yourself, if you get them to do it for you.  Hell, we’re not picky.

Merely click on the IWS RADIO FACEBOOK PAGE and like us.  Yes, it’s that easy.

If the lovely Carrie Welch can take the time to comment on our website and offer to be on our radio show, you can take the time to like us two moronic, yet affable fellas on our Facebook page…..


And while we will work to schedule the lovely Ms. Welch for a soonly future show, this Sunday on IWS Radio live at Noon ET, Jayman and I will be scouring away all the hate from life and social media.

Man…cat fights, loud neighbors, bluntness beyond on belief…It was a hate-filled week, and we will be calling the haters out and try to bring peace and serenity to the world.

To catch us live Sunday at Noon ET…Click HERE for the Haters Gonna Hate II show on IWS on Blog Talk Radio.

Until then, this is the always loving, and not-a-hate-filled bone-in-my-body, Matt-Man bidding you…




I'm With Stupid said...

This post had just the right amount of begging while not being embarrassing or causing you to lose what dignity you have left. It's not easy to strike such a delicate balance. Well done!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Ha...Well said, and when I can strike out a delicate balance rather than striking out against others, it's a good day. Cheers Jayman!!


Anonymous said...

What a great sport Carrie Welsh is!! Hahaa! You guys are great!! :) Miss

I'm With Stupid said...

Miss: Thanks!! We enjoy bringing the various and diverse people of this Big Blue Marble we all live upon, together...or something. Cheers Miss!!


Ty ♥ KeLLs said...

Dearest Jay and Matt,
My fondest apologies. Totally forgot to 'LIKE' the page! Donezo <3 xo xo -- Tyla

I'm With Stupid said...

Tyla: Your hotness has earned you a pass...thus far. Now please go LIKE us. Go!! Cheers Tyla!!


Jo said...

That was very cool of Carrie to comment!

Mike said...

So you could have a real celebity on your show sometime? That's amazing. I looked at her site Did she name her site after one of you two?

I'm With Stupid said...

Jo: Yes it was and that new picture? Ooo-la-la. Cheers Jo!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Based on the private discussions I have had with Jayman during our intense show prep calls, it could have been named for either one of us. Cheers Mike!!


Mike said...

I slept through another show time. Maybe next time. Or not. said...

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