Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matt Said...Jay Said XL

Matt titkellem ... Jay titkellem; inti tisma.

(via Twitter)

Jay:  No show prep phone call this week…all of my family is coming in for a big reunion this weekend.
Matt:  Uh-huh…Are you sure that’s all that is going on here?
Jay:  Yeah, why?
Matt:  Perhaps you are really avoiding our weekly call because you are cracking wise with somebody else?
Jay:  No.  I swear.
Matt:  Okay.
Jay:  How could I do that to you and your fragile ego?
Matt:  Damn right, wait…wh--

Jay:  Anyhoo.  Since I’ll be tied up with family all weekend, we need to do a show that requires very little show prep.
Matt:  The Many Sides of Mitt Romney?
Jay:  Ha…that would take forever with all the sides he has, has had, and will have.
Matt:  True.
Jay:  How about The Rachel Maddow Show…Love Her or Hate Her?
Matt:  TOO easy.
Jay and Matt:  HATE HER!!

Matt:  Memorial Day Weekend is this weekend.  We could do something on that.
Jay:  We could kick-off the unofficial start to summer with hot weather tips and shit.
Matt:  Cool.  We could do grilling and cookout tips.
Jay:  Since I will be in the midst of one, talk about family reunions.
Matt:  Indeed…We could talk about the scantily clad women in their summer fashions.
Jay:  Which you see even more of at typical vacation destinations.

Matt:  I think we’re set.
Jay:  Oh I know we are.
Matt:  Hey?
Jay:  What?

Matt:  Did you say that you are holding your big family reunion in Yellville, AR?
Jay:  Yeah why?
Matt:  That’s not a real city is it?
Jay:  Well, it’s not a city; it’s tiny, but that is the official name of the burg in which my family and I will be partying away.
Matt:  Ha…That’s funny.
Jay:  Oh it’s a cool little place.  You should bring Schmoop down sometime for the annual Turkey Trot Festival.  Bring the wife and kid too.
Matt:  Oh you’re a funny fucker, aren’t ya?
Jay:  Hee Hee.  Sometimes.

Matt:  Okay.  I think we’re good to go.  See you on IWS Radio this Sunday at Noon ET, Jayman.
Jay:  We’ll be kicking off summer through the goal posts of life.
Matt:  True Dat.


I'm With Stupid said...

Yellville is a town full of good, honest, decent people. We'll be getting our BBQ ribs and beer on!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: That is so real, so God Damned American of you salt of the earth people. Cheers Jayman!!


Jo said...

That's sounds like fun, Jay! Is this a 200-people-wearing-matching-T-shirts type reunion?

And you guys are still doing the Sunday show, that's dedication.

Mike said...

Yellville stats -

Population in 2010: 1,204. Population change since 2000: -8.2%

Males: 552 (45.8%)
Females: 652 (54.2%)

Median resident age: 44.2 years
Arkansas median age: 42.2 years

Zip codes: 72687.

Estimated median household income in 2009: $26,953 (it was $26,250 in 2000)


Estimated per capita income in 2009: $14,060

Yellville city income, earnings, and wages data

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $104,065 (it was $71,000 in 2000)

Mean prices in 2009: All housing units: $110,489; Detached houses: $116,230; Townhouses or other attached units: $130,273; In 2-unit structures: $132,010; Mobile homes: $36,268

Median gross rent in 2009: $434.

I'm With Stupid said...

Jo: Since stupid never takes a holiday, neither does our show. Cheers Jo!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: You left out an important fact...Yellville was named in honor of Gov. Archibald Yell. A great man indeed. Cheers Mike!!


The Bastard King of England said...

Nice chick in the swimsuit, even though she's wearing a modest bottom.

Dianne said...

have a grand old weekend all
enjoy the family Jay
hug a soldier

David Lawrence said...

Do they still play horseshoes in Yellville?