Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arkansas Democrat Gazette...Here's To David Sumrell

I would like to say a few words about a Letter to the Editor that appeared in your Arkansas Democrat Gazette dated April 25, 2012 by one, David Sumrell.

I know to you, I may be a Yankee, but as a resident of southwest Ohio where my congressman will soon happen to be Speaker of the House John Boehner, I think I can relate to your region and your local communities.

In my neck of the woods, we do have, Wall Street types, limousine liberals, and self-important ninnies, yet the majority of us are mainly middle of the road corn and bean farmers, factory workers, and families of other means getting by paycheck to paycheck, just like many of  you fine folks in Arkansas.

And yet, I am pixilated by a comment set forth in the aformentioned Letter to the Editor...

Mr. Sumrell stated, and I quote:

“The granting of the vote to women was the time women first began to get out of their places and God-given roles as housewives and Queens of their homes.”

Mr. Summrel goes on to blame a woman’s right to vote on what he considers the, “moral mess of busted families” in America.

He further states that when women got the right to vote, that they became “Jezebels”, evidently through the black magic that comes along with the wearing of short hair and the donning of men’s clothes.

That’s right.  Mr. Sumrell says that…

Women began to go against God’s will and sense of style in the hair and clothes department, because their suffrage attempts succeeded, but…

I’m thinking perhaps, women began to sport short hair and wear less burdensome clothing, due to the humidity of the Arkansas (or in my case, Ohio) summers.

While I am amused by the remarks of David Sumrell of Springdale to be amusing, I also find them quite ironic, and in that sense, not amusing by any means.

You see…Sumrell blames many of the challenges and current ills facing our great nation on a certain group, in this case, women.

What he fails to see is that America’s current problems are not the product of the actions by any one group, other than one…

The American people themselves, who sit idly by and watch politicians whom they complain about, make decisions on which American people agree and/or disagree based upon a concisely edited sound byte which fits their ideology.

Women like Molly Pitcher, Dolly Madison, Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, Sally Ride, Condaleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, and voting women aren’t what is wrong with America, Mr. Summrel.

You, or more specifically, your mind set, and the mind set of many of our legislators, are exactly what is wrong with America today.

And what exactly is that problem?

You and others blame our nation’s challenges on a specific group of people, along with the inability to separate ideology and political upward mobility from doing what is right in order to help put our great nation back on track.

While I know, judging by your letter to the editor, that you would prefer for "your woman" to cook and clean for you, I'm thinking that maybe she needs to think for you as well, because man…

You obviously haven’t had an original thought since the Stone Age.




I'm With Stupid said...

That whole "cutting their hair short and wearing men's clothing" is an obvious cheap shot at Ellen DeGeneres. Totally unnecessary too.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: And the funny thing about that? I find that HAWWWWWWT!! Cheers to you and your fellow Arkansans!!


Deana Nall said...

I'm an Arkansan who thought I was beyond being shocked until I read that letter in yesterday's paper. I love your response. Here's mine:

I'm With Stupid said...

Deana: It is a bit of a WTF? letter to the Editor, no? He's a nut. Thanks for the comment and I'll be sure to check out your response this evening. Cheers Deana!!


Anonymous said...

I've already read it. You'll enjoy it. BTW, my son is a Matt-man also (except we just call him Matthew.)

I'm With Stupid said...

Allynsalley: I just read Deana's post and commented. Ans here's to your Matt-Man. A handful of people still call me Matthew as well. Cheers Allyn!!


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