Saturday, January 7, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said, XX

Matt parla, Jay parla, You ascoltare.

Matt: “Good morning, welcome to the Unhappiest City in America, where may I direct your call?”
Jay: “To the meloncoly deptartment please.”
Matt: “One moment. Please let is ring as they’re not too motivated there.”
Jay: “Understandable.”

Jay: “Very sorry about your unhappiness there in the Miami Valley.”
Matt: “Well, we’re used to it here.”
Jay: “But, Bagwine’s unhappiness has brough tons of hits to the IWS Blog.”
Matt: “At least something good has come of this.”
Jay: “Out of the ashes of doom and despair comes fame and internet notoriety.”
Matt: “If only that were enough Jay.”
Jay: “Dam, that’s some deep unhappiness there.”
Matt: “Generation after generation of depression and unhappiness cannot be overcome with one good day of heavy traffic on a blog.”

Jay: “Maybe a name change would help?”
Matt: “Oh yeah. How ‘bout Pleasantville?”
Jay: “That’s happy and uplifting.”
Matt: “It is AND, I’m a fan of the movie.”
Jay: “I don’t think I’ve seen it.”
Matt: “Really? It had ... what’s her name ... cute girl ... Reese Witherspoon!”
Jay: “Meh. She’s okay, I guess.”
Matt: “Oh I like her a lot. She’s a good actress and damn cute.”
Jay: “She is both of those, very true. Just .. I don’t know. Nice New Orleans girl.”
Matt: “See, there you go!”

Matt: “Big playoff games this weekend.”
Jay: “I’m thinking the Bengals can beat Houston too.”
Matt: “Well, you’d think they could.”
Jay: “You don’t think they will though?”
Matt: “Well, it’s our nature in these parts to not get our hopes up.”
Jay: “Of course not. That would be happy stuff.”
Matt: “Exactly, we’re not into that.”
Jay: “I’m being contrarian this week. I’m also taking Denver over Pitt.”
Matt: “REALLY? I don’t know about that.”
Matt: “Oh dear God.”

Jay: “So, I’m interviewing you this week?”
Matt: “Yup, and then I’ll DO you next week hot stuff.”
Jay: “Oh yeah! That’s hot.”
Matt: “I was going to ask what subjects you were going to hit on, but I won’t.”
Jay: “I plan on probing you for at least a half hour.”
Matt: “You sick fuck.”
Jay: “I won’t ask anything embarrassing or anything like that.”
Matt: “Boring.”
Jay: “No, you’re a fascinating guy.”
Matt: “I do fascinate myself sometiems. Okay, often. Couple of times a day even.”
Jay: “We won’t really get into that.”
Matt: “Good plan.”

So, there you go kids. More fun and games with Matt and Jay. AND, don’t forget to join us Saturday night at 11 pm ET when Jayman will be interviewing Matt-Man LIVE on the air on I’m With Stupid. Join us for this exciting and interesting trip through Matt-Man’s life and times.

And, while you’re waiting for that show to happen, be sure to check out our very special analysis of the Iowa Caucuses which aired on Wednesday. Nobody broke things down better than we did. And, Jayman put up a spirited defense of the great state of Iowa against all the unfair and rude people who trashed the state.

As always, thanks for reading and listening and just being there for us. We love you all. 

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I'm With Stupid said...

Although a humble man, I sometimes I am astounded by our awesomeness. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

Here's a song for Bagwine.

Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry Be happy -

You can actually sing this song and not sound happy thus preserving Bagwines' title.