Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Paterno Fired: and somehwere a little boy is crying It's a Travesty!!

Cheers all…Matt-Man here. And ya know what?

For today’s post, I was going to write a overtly offensive and satirical piece as Slyder Balzcock about the sexual molestation allegations against former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky today, but…

After a couple of pints of Wild Irish Rose and a few beers, I changed my mind.

Yesterday on the IWS Radio Show, Jayman and I joked about Jerry Sandusky and his alleged penchant for little boys. I have no regrets about that, it’s what we do, and…some of what we said is very funny.


Much of the joking we did, revolved around the shameless obviousness of not only Jerry Sandusky’s alleged child rape activities, but how the administration of PSU tried to cover it up, and how over-zealous and lemming type PSU fans are outraged over the media coverage of this sad situation as well.

Y’know…Not only has and is Jerry Sandusky allegedly suffering from a sickness that compels him to seek out young boys in a sexual way, Joe Paterno, if all of the allegations are found to be true, is guilty as hell as well.

I know Penn State fans, your beloved Joe Pa can do no wrong but, if the allegations bear out, Paterno is less than a good man than Sandusky is.

If proven true, Jerry Sandusky and his sexual molestations and raping of little boys is sick, twisted, and obviously, illegal. If proven true, Sandusky should live out his remaining years in prison. I think even PSU supporters agree with me on that.


Where ardent and even only casual supporters of Penn State University may differ with me, is the amount of blame Joe Paterno should take.

It has been reported that Paterno knew that Sandusky had been, and was “recruiting” little boys as young as eight, as far back as back 2002.

Paterno had the ability to protect little kids, or protect the program, he sadly, chose the latter..You see…In 2002 a Graduate Assistant told Joe Paterno that Sandusky was assaulting a little boy in a shower. What did beloved Joe Pa do?

He did was he was obligated to do…He informed the AD or whoever was above him on the money machine that is the College Football food chain.

Sure, Joe Paterno did the right thing by the numbers, but he failed to do what is right, and what was right in this instance, was to call the police, or at least urge the AD to call the police and get to the truth.

That fact about Paterno’s inaction, aside from the alleged abuse of innocent kids at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, is the saddest thing about this story.

You see…Paterno, whether one likes Penn State football or not, is a coaching legend. He has won more games than anyone in Division I football…He in the eyes of college football fans, is (or was) an icon.

And now?

He is none of that. He is now nothing but an old man who put his ego and the next bid to a BCS Bowl above what is right…above what is right.

Due to his work and hands-on approach over the decades, Joe Paterno created and edified the success that is the Penn State football program, and yet, in what seems like seconds…

By his inaction and hands-off approach, he destroyed it.

Even if found to be true, Penn State and its football program could have survived Jerry Sandusky going to prison for his barbarous actions against kids, but only if one thing had happened some years ago…

If the mighty shaper of men, pillar of character, and no-nonsense legend Joe Paterno had turned to the police rather than the money hungry halls of the University, PSU would be fine, as would Paterno himself.

However…The loveable, avuncular Joe Pa chose the path of least resistance, the road to more funding, and the quasi-clearing of his own conscience, and sold out.

It’s sad.

I have often said to people who say to me, “Matt, you should really respect your elders.”

I always retort, “I respect wisdom, and let me tell you, wisdom does not always come with age.”

And in Joe Paterno’s case, neither does doing the right thing.

I began joking with others some eight to ten years ago, how Joe Paterno should retire because his heart was not in the game anymore, but he won’t because he hates his family…Little did I know how right I was.




I'm With Stupid said...

Excellent post!

Paterno, the AD, the school president are all moral cowards. They tried to protect "the program" first and last. Didn't do a damn thing to stop this monster Sandusky.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: Sandusky is a puke and will suffer the consequences, but Paterno could have protected future innocents and brought justice to the former kids..He did nothing. Cheers Jayman!!


Anonymous said...

Nice position!

Mike said...

Paterno should have taken one for the team and killed Sandusky. It's not to late.

Beth said...

Great post Matty. Paterno, while not the vile criminal that Sandusky is, still commited a crime in my book. Fucker.

I'm With Stupid said...

Pesos: Ha...That comment is kinda funny. Cheers Pesos!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Dammit. I should have used that phrase in my post. Nice. Cheers Mike!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Beth: Ironically this may have been the first time that Paterno stood on the sidelines and failed t be a coach and a leader. Sad. Cheers Schmoop!!


A Beer for the Shower said...

If he likes molesting little boy football players, he should be locked in a room with 10 of the NFLs biggest and hardest hitters. You can't molest children if all your bones are broken. Just sayin'.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Great Post Matt Man!
His act of humility appears to me to be arrogance. It's repugnant.

I'm With Stupid said...

Beer: Indeed. Perhaps we could set up a night on the town for Mr. Sandusky with Ray Lewis. Cheers Beer!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Peg: You are...DEAD...ON...Peg. Exactly correct. Paterno's a puke. Thanks and Cheers Peg!!


jack mehoff said...

"If you call older women who go after younger men cougars… Then older men who go after little boys must be called Nittany Lions… "

I'm With Stupid said...

Jack: Ha...I heard that just a few minutes ago. Not bad. Cheers Jack!!


MysteryChick said...

The whole thing is nauseating. They should ALL go to jail. Shame on the men who let this continue over all those years.

I'm With Stupid said...

Chick: In deed...How could anyone allow that shit to continue? Astonishing. Cheers Hot Stuff!!


dleija said...

Right on . . . It's this very mentality, instinctive idolatrous protection, that allows this kind of thing happen. An institution, sometimes a person representing that institution, becomes so revered and powerful that those who dare question it are demonized and attacked by its brainwashed sycophants. For those victimized by it, much worse. Those defending JoePas 'honor', at some level, thought they deny it, know their culpability. They're all cogs in a powerful pervert protection syndicate, alumni, athletics, administration, students, campus police, city police, county prosecutors - all work to protect the 'integrity' of their Penn State patron saint, JoePa. Defenseless children . . . . unimportant collateral damage.

Debutopia said...

I'm not a religious person but the name of Sandusky's foundation, the Second Mile Foundation, prompted me to write this blog piece about how it's worth doing the right thing by protecting children. Sandusky was first investigated by Penn State in 1998. Many young boys could have been spared years of agony if the stars had been aligned. Fish stinks from the head down, ya know!

I'm With Stupid said...

Dleija: You are absolutely correct. The institution and its continuing success and monetary gain came to far outweigh the worth of the innocent victims in the eyes of those who could have helped prevent this shit. Cheers Dleija!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Debutopia: Indeed. The length of the continuing victimization is stupefying. Sad. I'll make sure to check out your post. Cheers Deb!!


dleija said...

I think the reaction of the Penn State institution can be used as a warning for all of us. These people aren't from another planet, they're really pretty much like us. They worshiped at the alter of a broken and dangerous system. What institutions do we hold so sacred so as to ignore any sign of its fallacy? What alters do we worship? What signals are we ignoring to protect our own sense of worth?