Saturday, October 8, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said VIII

It’s Saturday. MSJS. Go.

Matt: “I thought I blocked this numer.”
Jay: “You can’t cause I’m a NINJAAAA”
Matt: “A Redneck Ninja?”
Jay: “They exist. I mean, WE exist.”
Matt: “Were you trained by Mr. Miyagi?”
Jay: “No, I just watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a bunch of times.

Matt: “Damn, Wednesday’s show was a good one!”
Jay: “Hell yeah! Even my mother thought it was really good.”
Matt: “Wow! It MUST have been good then.”
Jay: “Yeah, because she’s not one to just hand out compliments.”
Matt: “Well, no. It’s hard enough keeping your ego in check as it is.”
Jay: “I can’t help it. I’ve got a lot of game.”
Matt: “And swagger?”
Jay: “Goes without saying.”

Matt: “Want me to do the Babe of the Week on Sunday this week?”
Jay: “Sure. Got anyone in mind?”
Matt: “No.”
Jay: “Well, it’s Yom Kippur, so you should go with a Jewish girl.”
Matt: “You’re just so damn practical.”
Jay: “Well, when I think Jewish Girls, I think Natalie Portman.”
Matt: “Yeahhhhhhh .. but …”
Jay: “TO THE GOOGLE MACHINE! I’ll search for ‘Jewish celebrities’”
Matt: “Great idea! That list can’t be too long.
Jay: “How ‘bout Bar Rafaeli? She’s an Israeli Jew.”
Matt: “As Hank Jr would say “OOHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!”
Jay: “I’m sure she’ll be honored.”
Matt: “Well, she won’t be offended at least. I mean, it’s not HER Sabbath.”

Matt: “Fucking Hank Williams Jr.”
Jay: “He’s kind of a dumb ass.”
Matt: “Yeah, and now we have to include him on the blog and show too somehow.”
Jay: “This is getting ridiculous.”
Matt: “So much stupid, so little time.”
Jay: “Why do they all have to do stupid shit at once?”
Matt: “Jay, our burden is heavy. But, we can handle it.”
Jay: “We’ll just keep on, keeping on.”

Matt: “I bet Christie will still kinda, sorta run.”
Jay: “Nah. He doesn’t want to run.”
Matt: “Well, he might allow himself to be drafted.”
Jay: “Maybe, but I think it’s over. The establishment will rally around Romney like Mormons attacking a wagon train in Mountain Meadows. Or something.”
Matt: “I don’t know.”
Jay: “I think they’re ready to start working on ‘The Big One.”
Matt: “Exactly! Christie!” 

Jay: “Okay show ideas.”
Matt: “Yom Kippur. Hank Jr. Columbus Day?”
Jay: “Right! Good call.”
Matt: “Which one.”
Jay: “All of ‘em. We’ll jump around a bit.”
Matt: “I guess we could work with that.”
Jay: “Okay then. Done.”
Matt: “Later ya Sick Fuck.”
Jay: “Later Freak.”

So, don’t forget to join us at 6:30 pm EDT TONIGHT for the “Jews, Booze and a Caribbean Cruise” episode of “I’m With Stupid!”

And, if you would like to get ready for tonight’s show by listening to our AWESOME Wednesday show where we talked Amanda Knox, Occupy Wall Street and other fascinating stuff with three truly wonderful calls. First was Hannah (A.K.A. Sweet Pea), then Lisa in Chicago called with some great insight and then we hung out with the always fun and charming Warrior Kat and talked about cops and illegals and Texas and Mexico among other things. And then at one point Kat and Jayman sand a little bit of “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy. So check it out!!

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I'm With Stupid said...

It's amazing...Every time I read one of these MSJS posts, I am astounded by how we make difficult show production sound so easy. See ya tonight on the radio. Cheers!!


Mike said...

'Matt: “Great idea! That list can’t be too long.'

Has the Google finished indexing them yet? I don't think there is enough computer memory to do that.