Sunday, October 9, 2011

HBO Go Dominates My Life

Hola People of the Internet! I’ll make this quick cause I’ve got important stuff to do. No, not anything productive or anything like that. I’ve got to watch shit on HBO GO. That’s it. Just watch movies, original programing or comedy shows or whatever.

Wonder what I’ve done this weekend? I’ve sat around and watched The Wire. That’s freaking it. Oh and I took some time to do some show prep and then we had another awesome episode of I’m With Stupid on Saturday. And then right after that I watched Arkansas deliver a beat down to Auburn. But, after that? Just sitting here watching The Wire.

Seriously people. All Sunday I just sat here, drank Pepsi, ate Always Save Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips and watched The Wire. I didn’t even bother with any NFL action. Hell, last I checked my fantasy team was losing 46-36 to Sunshine State Shirley’s team. How did it turn out? Fuck if I know.

Are they still Occupying Wall Street? Still got wars going in Iraq and Afghanistan? Bunch of guys and one gal still running for the GOP nomination? I wouldn’t know. I don’t have time for that unimportant shit anymore.

I want to watch an action movie? I’ll just go to HBO Go and watch The A-Team. Or maybe the whole damn Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy. Can’t beat that!

Looking for something a little more gory? Machete baby!

Maybe I wanna watch bubbly and sweet Katie Morgan run around nekkid. She’s available 24/7.

Mobsters? Every single episode of The Sopranos is on there.

Maybe I want to laugh. How ‘bout Lewis Black? Bill Maher? Dave Attel?

It goes on and on and on people. The internet is already like crack and now HBO GO is like super-duper mojo-dula crack. I start doing something else and it only takes a couple of minutes until I’m thinking that I need to check in on McNulty and everyone. Or maybe watch some comedy shows. Or nekkid chicks. I just can’t freaking take it.

And when the streaming messes up and the video isn’t perfect High Definition? Oh man! It’s a shit-storm of #FirstWorldProblems. When that happens, I’m sitting here yelling at the computer. “GAWDDAMMIT! This is bullshit! I’m being deprived of my Sunday afternoon entertainment! Fix this shit!”

Then, at approximately 7:24 pm CDT on Sunday night disaster struck.  HBO GO’s website went down. What the hell am I supposed to do now? This is a disaster. I don’t think I can handle it. I’m shaking and can’t stop crying.

Okay, it’s back. Whew! That was a terrifying seven minutes. But now the “Press Escape to Exit Full Screen Mode” thing won’t go away. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! You’re killing me guys. You know what? That’s it. I’m not gonna put up with this. I’m heading to the Google Machine to find a number for HBO and then it’ll be time to chew some ass.

*UPDATE* Turns out it was all Cox Cable’s fault. Well, so much for that. It doesn’t do any good to talk to them. They don’t care. *sigh*


In other news, Saturday’s “Jews, Booze and a Caribbean Cruise” episode of I’m With Stupid was just what you’ve come to expect from us. It was irreverent, unpredictable, fast moving and down right, uh, different. You just don’t get this kind of fun jocularity anywhere else people.

We talked Yom Kippur. And don’t think we’re not experts on that, cause we are. We hit all the highlights of the Highest of all High Holy Days. Then, we dished out some amazing, little known trivia about Columbus and how he discovered Rihanna.  In between we shared some fascinating stories about Turkey Trot Festivals and celebrating Yom Kippur with Mel Gibson. Finally, Mrs. Mike called and we just hung out with her and chilled.

All of together? Radio gold my friends, radio gold. So, check it out and tell all your friends and enemies all about the show. Hell, you can even Stumble, Digg, Reddit, Facebook or Tweet the show. Among other things.

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Mike said...

I tried to look at HBO GO. They want money! When is it going to be free?

I'm With Stupid said...

Well Jayman, at least now I know how you came to be such a Renaissance Man when it comes to Pop Culture. Cheers!!


Jay said...

Mike: Ain't nothing free dude. Well, HBO GO is free if you already subscribe to HBO on your cable line up. ;-)

Matt: I'm the pop culture man, man.

Major.Mack said...

boardwalk empire is my current hbo distraction

A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm not sure what sounds like more fun to me, Yom Kippur with Mel Gibson, or watching Eddie Murphy in action when he still had game. I'd probably go with Beverly Hills Cop.

Gnetch said...

So. HBO Go. I want that. Asking my friends download stuff for me is getting boring already.

No, I still don't want to download movies myself. I'm lazy. :p

Jay said...

Major: I watched last season of BE so I'm only three episodes behind. Should be able to catch up. I hope.

Beer: Eddie Murphy in his prime. No doubt about it.

Gnetch: I wonder if HBO would notice someone signing into my account from halfway across the world? LOL