Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Verdict Is In: Wie Love Kuntz

Cheers Chuckleheads…

Since beginning our IWS radio show nearly a year ago, and this companion website more recently, listeners and readers of IWS have been introduced to many of our team members.

Some of you have met our Dutch-Based correspondent Guy Ahnyurdyck, man about town Marty Martenstein, sports guru Slyder Balzcock, news whore Kim Fragile, Jay, myself, and others of this highly successful multimedia team.


While the names I mentioned are the face of I’m With Stupid and reap the glitter and gold associated with I’m With Stupid, there is an important triumvirate of people who are the sturdy, unsung armor of our undertakings.

That Holy Trinity of Titanium? The IWS legal team of:

That’s right…Wie, Love, and Kuntz is the law firm that has, and continues to represent I’m With Stupid in all things litigious.

The only reason Jay, myself and others on our team take the risks that we do in bringing you the truth, is because we know that Wie, Love, and Kuntz have our backs.

For instance…

Earlier this year, when Jayman was doing an expose on Mila Kunis by following her continuously and tirelessly standing outside the window of her movie location condo, he was arrested by the local police.

Jayman was summarily charged and stood trial on felony counts of stalking and aggravated menacing. What happened next?

In walk Wie, Love, and Kuntz, and the charges were quickly reduced to misdemeanor counts of loitering and public urination. The fines were paid and Jayman missed not a show.

In November 2010, I was arrested in Las Vegas for Statutory Rape of one young, lovely, Lacey Manwich unnamed woman while doing a report on virginal sex. 

I swear I thought the chick was nineteen. Turned out she was 17. Or was she?

After the Clark County NV. courts charged me with Statutory Rape and threat of a long term jail sentence, in walk Wie, Love, and Kuntz…

They convinced the jury and the court, that since life begins at conception, Ms. Manwich the unnamed woman in question was not 17 years and 3 months old when we had sex, but exactly 18 years old and thus an adult.

I was acquitted, thanked the jury, and wished the plaintiff a very Happy Birthday.

So there you have it…Don’t make trouble for us here at I’m With Stupid because we have the penultimate legal team, and they care about us.

And if you need help...remember Wie, Love, Kuntz.

They always get you off.




Jay said...

Those guys can really get people off!


IWS Radio said...

No kidding, and the harder you come at them, the harder they come back at you. Cheers!!


Mike said...

Congratulations on a google search coup.

No results found for "Wie, Love, Kuntz".

So until google picks up this post on it's search, you are above the crowd.

Beth said...

Why is it on all your blog posts all I can say is OMFG!!

IWS Radio said...

Mike: Thanks for checking that out. It's always nice to know that we remain on the cutting edge.

Beth: I don't know. Maybe you are just blown away by our awesomeness.



Beth said...

Oh I know I am. I could do without the shooting of the coffee from my nose thing though!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Can you send me their phone number?

Jay said...

Vinny: Their number is 1-800-BIG-FEES