Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School Time

Today is a special day in America. For most school aged kids, today is the day they get up early, throw back a healthy bowl of Frosted Flakes or Pop Tarts for breakfast, kiss their hung over mother goodbye while asking her if daddy will be coming home soon and then hop the bus, driven by a meth head, and head off to another year in their crumbling school full of being bullied, humiliated, sexually harassed while having all independent thought and creativity beaten out of them by our educational system.

And that school year will be almost as long as my previous sentence. 

Not that I feel bad for them. God I can’t stand kids. The needy little bastards are all a bunch of smartasses and honestly, they scare me. I save my sympathy for the teachers. They’re the ones who have to play warden, counselor, protector and babysitter before they even get a chance to get around to actually teaching the kids something. Of course, by then the kids could care less and don’t really feel like learning.

But, other than all that, everything is great with our educational system. So, there’s no reason to really worry about it. So go ahead and watch all four hours of the Kim Kardashian wedding on whatever network her show airs.

Anyhoodle, today on “I’m With Stupid” we talked about it being back to school time and reminisced about how much Matt-Man loved and Jayman hated school. We also talked about how things are both different and not so different these days. A lot of the things we think there is so much more today, actually was very prevalent back in the day too. They just didn’t have digital cameras, cell phones and social media. 

We also wasted some time on Christine O’Donnell and Jon Huntsman. But, let’s be honest. They’re boring. And even people with talent as great as Matt-Man and Jayman can’t make those people interesting or funny. So, we skimmed past that and then got into our back to school discussion of awesomeness. 

So, if you’re so inclined, we would very much appreciate your listening to this week’s show. And we’ll make it easy for you by providing you with BTR super hi-tech and very stylish media player. And as always, we appreciate your support. 

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Also, don’t forget that coming up this weekend will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA! That’s right. “I’m With Stupid” internet radio show is almost one year old and we’re gonna mock all the people who didn’t think it would last celebrate like it’s 1999 baby.

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It had me yearning for a big plate of Johnny Marzetti. Cheers!!