Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's Cut Through the Crap and Have Some Fun

Happy Friday Bitches and welcome to the weekend.

It’s been a gloomy week. The debt ceiling crisis is looming. Close friend of IWS and fellow media mogul, Rupert Murdoch is in some hot water, and…

As she pushes closer to 19, Miley Cyrus continues to lose her Hannah Montana years hotness.

Sad times, my friends, sad times indeed. So…

Let’s take today and the entire weekend for that matter, to have some fun and cleanse our minds of the aforementioned tragedies.

There are plenty of ways to do just that. For instance, when I get off work today, I am going to spend the evening hanging out with this hot babe:

That’s IWS’s roving correspondent, Kim Frahgeelee. Sure, that picture was taken years ago, when she was 16, but just like with Miley Cyrus, that’s how I like to picture her.

I’ll probably cook something good tonight and if I’m lucky, after some Wild Irish Rose and beers, Kim and I will play a hot game of, “Escaped Convict and the Warden’s Wife.”

Barring that, I’ll probably spend the evening getting hammered and doing show prep with Jayman via Twitter after he has finished his evening repast of Bourbon, Vienna Sausages, and Great Value Potato Chips.

Don’t tell me that Jayman and I aren’t sittin’ in high cotton, bitches!!

Speaking of show prep, Jayman and I will be broadcasting live on Blog Talk Radio Saturday at 6:30 PM EDT. 

As this has been a heavy news kinda week, we are going to keep it light tomorrow and just hang out as it were.

We will discuss a tragic news story provided by my brother and IWS’s fave former yellow journalist, D-Man, that involves an Alsatian dog, a hot Irish babe, and sex.

If you listen in, it will make the worries of the world go away, and really…that is what Jayman and myself aim to do with every award winning broadcast.

So join I’m With Stupid tomorrow at 6:30 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio and set your mind free from the trials and tribulations of this madcap world.

You can access our IWS Radio page by accessing the link provided in the Radio tab at the top of our website.

And remember…you can always talk to us live on the show by calling us at 661.244.9852.



Jay said...

Yeah! It's Friday Fun Day! So, let's all enjoy ourselves by laughing and imagining how hot each woman we run into was when she was 16. Or something. ha

IWS Radio said...

Ha...See? That sounds fun. Everyone should have your zest for life, and hot, young chicks. Cheers!!