Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casey Anthony: Her Road to Redemption

Jayman and myself can be many things…

We can be sarcastic. We can be opinionated. We can be assholes. However…

Above all of that, we are first and foremost, purveyors of redemption.

We believe in the innate goodness of people, and bend over backwards to find the true beneficence of people, no matter how “evil” they may seem to be.

We think that anyone and everyone who seeks solace through supplication to our Lord Jesus Christ, should receive it.


Who are we to be any less than that holy Hebrew that is Jesus?

With that being said, and to state our holy humanity publicly, we offer to you the official letter of redemption that we have sent to Casey Anthony’s attorneys…

Dear Hot Chick’s Lawyer(s),

We know that your client has been much maligned and may, in spite of the “not guilty” verdict, be in trouble of finding regular and reliable employment upon her release.

Being the aforementioned purveyors of redemption that we are, we are offering Ms. Anthony a position with I’m With Stupid as a staff reporter.

As you probably know, I’m With Stupid is a future Pulitzer and Marconi award winning website and radio show that hires only the best.

We think Casey Anthony is among the best, and she fills the void in our homicidal, 20 something, hot chick demographic. Score!!

We are willing to offer her a generous salary, access to our beach house on the Ohio River, and we will even change the name and banner of our website for her:

We, as you know by now after Googling us, do not extend these offers often, nor lightly.

Jayman and I appreciate your consideration of this proposal, while you may at the same time, be drafting your legal actions against us.

We are impressed by your ability to multi-task, and as we are multi-taskers ourselves, that is something that makes this a win-win proffer.

We hope to hear from you soon via email rather than certified mail.




Mike said...

And here I was trying to work my way into that middle picture. But I guess not having a hooha puts me at a disadvantage.

But there is a way around that problem. Just meet the right girl. See my blog post today.

IWS Radio said...

Mike: That is one edgy chick. Cheers Mike!!


Jay said...

Casey is going to be a breath of fresh air on "I'm With Stupid." Sure, it could be our LAST breath, but she'll make it fun. And sexy.

IWS Radio said...

Jay, my good man...She will bring this show together tighter than a roll of duct tape. Cheers!!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

So, any response yet?

IWS Radio said...

Vin: No word yet, but a lawsuit takes time to get rolling. Cheers!!