Friday, June 24, 2011

A Dutch Treat: Guy Ahnyurdyck Here...

Jayyyyy…Matt-Man…Guy Ahnyurdyck here for my baptism by fire on the I’m With Stupid website.

Let me tell you...

This is as exciting as the time I covered Carl Paladino attending a Jewish circumcision when half-drunk on power and half drunk on Manischewitz, claimed that the extraneous foreskin surgically removed from the Baby Hiram Perlman, looked like the Baby Jesus Christ.

For those of you who know not of me, I am the Dutch-based foreign correspondent for IWS…and yeah…I’m all that.

From the fleshpots and hash dens of Amsterdam to the BDSM hell hole holes of Bangkok, I sniff out the news and edit out the smell for IWS and more importantly, for you.

I wanted to let you know that you should lend an ear to Blog Talk Radio on Saturday June 25th at 6:30 PM EDT, as Jayman and Matt-Man broadcast what is sure to be another Marconi Award winning installment of I’m With Stupid.

Those two nattering nabobs of nosing out the negative and exploiting it, will be talking music.

Oh sure they did a music show recently, but it turned out to be a disaster as one, Jon Bok Choyvee called in and ruined the continuity and course of the show.


Saturday, the dynamic duo of publicly destroying dimwitted dogma will be talking about their fave bands…the worst bands…hottest rock babes…worst songs ever…and great concerts.

I as well will be chiming in with a live report from Aruba covering the first ever benefit concert ever for the deaf.

That’s right folks…I will be reporting live from Aruba as bands from Green Day to U2 play live during…

Hearing Aid 2011!!

And remember, all funds raised from this concert go to the Ashlee Simpson School for the Tone Deaf and Actual Deaf.

So join IWS on Blog Talk Radio Saturday at 6:30 PM EDT for a funny, fulfilling, and philanthropic good time.

To access the IWS BTR Radio page, click HERE.

This is Guy Ahnyurdyck for I’m With Stupid, back to you guys in…the Blogosphere!!


Beth said...

I can't wait for this one!!!!

IWS Radio said...

Schmoop: So are we. I think. Cheers Schmoop!!


IWS Radio said...

When I got up this morning I was wondering what we were going to do on this week's show. Glad I checked the blog!

Of course, I knew whatever it was, it would be done for good and not evil. As always.

- Jay

Mike said...

I thought that picture might have been Rebecca Black since today is Friiiiday Friiiiday.

Desert Rat said...

I'll try to make it - I'll set the alarm!

Y'know, I went to a concert - Men at Work - where there was a person doing sign on the stage for the deaf in the audience. They can feel the vibration from the drums and such, and she was signing in time - it was quite cool.

IWS Radio said...

Mike: I'm impressed, You actually knew what day it was. Cheers Mike!!

Rat: I saw Men at Work too. Hope you can listen tomorrow, because unknowingly you struck a nerve and/or a chord with Guy.