Monday, December 3, 2018

War On Christmas 2018: Matt-Man Gets A Purple Heart And Sads

Another gray day here in Bagwine, Ohio. December is like that here, and it will probably more often than not, be like this until the vernal tilt of the Earth begins to return in March. It's just something one in this area lives with. However...

It's a bit more depressing this time because, in addition to the gloomy weather, I have been cramped up in the Bagwine digs for a week with broken ribs, and will be for another two days. Oh the Humanity!! I am depressed and more so,  bored out of my fricking mind!! But I do have a few things upon which I can count.

I have a wonderful wife in Schmoop who has taken care of me, and I have a few close friends through whom I can live vicariously while being under house arrest. I mean, what's more fun than virtually going to Hudson's: The People Pleasin' Place with Jayman, and then hitting up a Wal Mart in Canada with Jamie Mapleleaf for shopping and a Big Mac? Amirite!?

Annnnnd, I always have my buddy Nurse Doom checking in with me daily to ask about my current condition, so she can render an ominous diagnosis as to my future. I love these people!!

Anyway, as I sit here with my cable system's yule log on the TV with soothing Christmas music playing, I consider myself, even in my current state, far luckier than most people on this Earth. And I know that if I need a HUGE laugh in order to get me out of my funk, all I have to do is replay the IWS Radio War on Christmas Show that we did yesterday!!

The show was jam packed with witty banter, Tucker Carlson Action Heros, Bobby Kraft's New Christmas Songs Humming CD, Jamie Mapleleaf, and cough syrup and diluted whiskey. It is Hilarious and you can catch it all right here:

And, if you'd like to lift my spirits now and in the future, you can always be my friend at...

@MattMan_IWS on Twitter

mattmaniws on Facebook


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