Tuesday, July 31, 2018

IWS Choose a New Hometown While Being Attack by InfoWars

We have made a decision! After hours and hours of anguish the staff of IWS Radio finally settled on which city will host the NEW IWS RADIO WORLD MEDIA HEADQUARTERS! Who won? You'll have to tune in to find out! As you know there were four finalists: Truth or Consequences, NM, Intercourse, PA, Spread Eagle, WI, and Islamberg, NY. Each city had many positives and a few negatives, but after putting it up for a vote on Facebook and discussing it amongst ourselves we finally decided on one city that we think best represents what IWS Radio is all about! 

As always our lovely and talented Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with the IWS Players to entertain the masses. We'll have some witty banter, good and bad songs, and a booze taste test. And of course who knows what else might happen! Like Alex Jones from InfoWars might launch an OUTRAGEOUS ATTACK on IWS Radio! All this plus YOUR CALLS @ 661.244.9852! Call us up and let us know what is on your mind and let's celebrate our new hometown of ......

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