Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Very Special Social Media Mother's Day Extravaganza

It's Mother's Day again and honestly Matt-Man and Jayman have had about enough of this stupid made-up holiday. So, it's time to do something a little different. Oh we're still gonna celebrate the day, but we're going to do it by reading special Mother's Day posts we see on social media. The good, the bad, the ugly, and hopefully, the hilarious. We'll also have the phone lines open for anyone who would like to call and share a sweet or possibly crazy mom story or two.

As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with the IWS Players to add some charm to the proceedings. We'll have our usual witty banter, good and bad music, booze tasting and other shenanigans. So, if you want to do something REALLY SPECIAL for mom this Mother's Day you will treat her to an uninterrupted espisode of IWS Radio and even let her call in @ 661l.244.9852!