Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Grip It, Rip It, and Name It Baby!

The colors of the lights in the IWS studio are lit up in all their luminous glory. The phone lines are open and clear of feedback and static. And, the laughs are rolling through the internet like a beautiful babbling brook inviting our vast and diverse worldwide audio to slow down, relax and join all the fun and games of IWS Radio. Hello again friends. Join Matt-Man and Jayman for a tradition unlike any other. It's our celebration of The Master's and the game of golf. We'll also celebrate National Name Yourself Day, which Matt and Jay will expand into nicknames and who knows what else. 

Joining us for the broadcast will be our expert Canadian commentator Jamie Mapleleaf along with the IWS Players. As always, there will be good and bad music, booze taste tests and your calls. In addition to that we'll be joined by Tiny Head in the Bagwine Bathroom who will share special observations of this great American tradition. The phone lines are always open @ 661.244.9852.

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