Monday, September 4, 2017

Is Taylor Swift a White Supremacist Nazi Sympathizer?

Maybe it’s just me, but if people had any question as to whether or not I supported white supremacists and Nazis, I would clear that up pretty quickly.  I wouldn’t wait to find out how much it might cost me in album, ticket and merchandise sales either. I would immediately and forcefully make my condemnation of these hate groups known to everyone. I wouldn’t say “well, my new video is premiering on the MTV Video Awards and new album is dropping at the same time, so I’ll just wait and see if this all blows over.” 

It just so happens that there IS a huge pop star who these vile racist groups do consider their “Aryan Goddess.” We are, of course, talking about Taylor Swift. Taylor is famously “non-political” which is fine most of the time, I guess. But, we’re not living in normal times and this isn’t a normal political issues. We’re talking about hate groups who have called for the ethnic cleansing of all non-white Christians from America. So, why won’t Taylor Swift condemn them? Does she support them? 

Last week the VMA’s were full of musical artists taking a stand against these white supremacist Nazi groups. Artist after artist spoke out eloquently and strongly in favor of tolerance and love. Everyone except Taylor Swift, that is. Instead, Swift debuted her latest “I’m a victim of the big, scary black guy” song complete with the mocking of Kim Kardashian being assaulted and robbed while looking strangely like Melania Trump. Should we just take that video as her position on hate and tolerance? 

Even if Taylor Swift isn’t a white supremacist Nazi sympathizer, why would she refuse to publicly condemn them? Would the small financial hit she would take after they dropped her and stopped buying her music and posters really hurt Taylor that much? Is she so craven that she doesn’t consider standing up for what’s right to be more important than her place as the “Queen of Pop?” (Hint: Yes, she is.)

Yeah, I know. You’re going to point out that I have always disliked Taylor Swift and considered her a fraud and a horrible human being. Well, that’s true and you know what? I think I’ve been proven right over and over again. About ninety percent of Taylor Swift’s fan base is teenagers. Teenagers and young people are the most accepting and tolerant generation of Americans. There is no way they would turn on her if she publicly condemned hatred, racism and bigotry. The only people who would get mad are the Alt-Right and Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters. Her continued silence can only make one think that Taylor Swift fully supports those deplorable, racist white supremacist Nazi bastards.  

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Also, we kicked off Season GR8 on IWS Radio this week! Give it a listen and enjoy all the fun and games plus hear all the GR8 ideas Matt-Man and Jayman have in store for the new season. It’s gonna be LIT! 


Mike said...

I'm not really sure but I think you are saying you don't like Taylor Swift. Am I right Jay?!

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: You could say that. hahaha
- Jay

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