Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pride 2016: Matt and Jay are Red, White and Gay!

IWS Radio celebrated Gay Pride Month and the Fourth of July with everyone’s favorite lesbian ANGIE!!! And GAYLARITY ensued! This show was down-right GAYALICIOUS! Here are some cryptically worded hints as to what was discussed …  

Are you prepared? Jesus is coming any day now! 

You guys have issues 

Marco Rubio is a little “Dainty” 

Cleveland had to postpone Pride Parade for the ….. Republicans! UCH! 

Legalize it! Pot is a GAY-WAY drug! 

Big Gay Monument. 

It’s now “LBGTQIA” any new letters being added in the future? 

Gay people love bad music too???

“We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Fabulous don’t fuck with us!”

Wie, Luv, Kuntz & Dicks: Attorneys at Law 

Vegan Magic 

Satisfy one’s craving for meat 

Public Shaming! 

You bring the cheer, we bring the fear! 


No clowns please! 

Canada Day and Fourth of July! 

Sex industry is preparing for something BIG! 

You just gotta listen to this one! Even if you’re straight! Go ahead … you know you’re curious: