Monday, May 2, 2016

Thoughts on Larry Wilmore, Curt Schilling and the NFL Draft 2016

It was another charming and at times rather hilarious episode of IWS Radio this week. Matt-Man and Jayman are always so relaxed when broadcasting from their home away from home Hodgepodge Lodge. The conversation flows more easily and they take a much more light-hearted view of things like Ted Cruz picking Carly Fiorina as his running mate. The nerve! A guy who isn’t going to win the nomination picking a running mate! I mean, it figures that a truly despicable person line Cruz would pick another despicable person like Carly, but whatever.

It matters not though folks cause the IWS gang has been spending our time relaxing at the Lodge, swimming and fishing in the lakes, hiking the trails and clearing our minds of all the filthy and unsavory things we have to deal with in this world. It’s important to get away from the rat-race from time to time and recharge the batteries, ya know?

Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf was with us lounging in her opulent quarters. Jayman bragged about his private compound and Matt and Schmoop despaired over the fact that they didn’t know they could build their own cabin and were stuck in a regular guest room. Very sad. Guy Ahnyurdyck, KiKi Shoutout and a few other IWS Players also joined us. 

We also checked in with Curt Schilling to see how he’s doing after being fired by ESPN gave some thoughts on the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and Larry Wilmore’s up and down routine. As well as the NFL Draft! 

Goodness this show was just chocked full of goodness and fun times. We highly recommend you listen to it!

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