Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Steve Spurrier Chooses IWS Radio Over Football

Waylp y’all, it looks like it’s time for the Ol’ Ball Coach to become the Ol’ Comedy Podcast Listener. I know I shocked the heck outta y’all by up and quittin’ on my team this week, but I have a very good reason for it. See, I have just enough time in my life for three things. Currently those three things are golf, football and my family. In that order.

Recently though I happened upon this IWS Radio comedy show and I just can’t get enough of it. When I realized that there were five years of shows and blog posts to catch up on, I decided that something was going to have to go. We all know it won’t be golf. And, while I might prefer to walk away from my family, that’s just not a good look. So, football is all that’s left. Sorry y’all. Anyway, check out this week’s show!

Matt-Man and Jayman started with 30 brilliant minutes of witty banter. Hell, they even have a witty banter sponsor. I think it was that “Flash” movie or TV show. Not sure which one. Anyway, they had my laughing so hard I had my Natty Light running out my nose! That was better than any thirty minutes the Gamecocks have put together all season!

And then, smoother and quicker than any running back we’ve got, they changed gears and got into that big mess that was made in the House of Representatives last week. Then, one of their correspondents, Bobby Kraft, actually announced he was applying for the job! That guy’s a riot!

I thought there was no way they could keep this up for a full two hours, but dammed if they didn’t! Matt and Jay bring non-stop energy and big-time talent to the comedy podcast game. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. After that Kraft fella, they brought in Paul Piatt to read one of Matt-Man’s poems from his upcoming e-book. And you know what the title of his first e-book is? It’s “My First E-Book!” That just tickled me something awful right there! I’m still chucklin’ about it.

I tell you what; I don’t think I’ve come across two guys who get after better than Matt and Jay. They had this Worst Songs of the Week segment that left me slack-jawed in amazement that music like that actually gets recorded these days. Those songs would make a hound dog howl!

Plus they had some moment of Zen where a muffler shop owner led everyone in a meditation. That’s crazy, but it works! Along with all that they played all these hilarious snippets from that MSNBC cable news channel and then gave their witty replies. I was rollin’!  You guys just gotta listen to this show! I mean it ….



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