Monday, July 13, 2015

Coming Back in Style!

Woooooooooooooo! IWS Radio made its triumphant return to the airwaves this week in style! OH EM GEE y’all! How do you describe a show that features special appearances by Jared Fogle, Bill Cosby, Jason Whitlock, Sarah Palin, Ariana Grande, Jamie Mapleleaf and Robert the Taylor? You can’t! Good lord IWS was en fuego this week!

And it wasn’t just the famous people that we hear from that made the show so great. Oh hell no!

- Matt-Man and Jayman had very upsetting experiences at Frisch’s Big Boy and Taco Bell last week. They still aren’t over it either.

- Matt took two days off from the Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnette Rds in Bagwine, Ohio) and is now questioning the wisdom of that plan.

- Jayman bonded with his upstairs neighbor and got the lowdown on what’s been going on around the Palatial Estates including who got kicked out and who’s motorcycle was stolen.

- Matt had breakfast with his longtime friend Nurse Sherri, but then got burned when she failed to send in the audio she had promised leaving Matt a bit miffed.

- Jayman was distracted by Tamra Ramone, but was totally cool with it.

- Drew Peacock was stalking Matt and Sherri and things got really freaking weird.

- Slyder Ballzcock updated us on the big sports stories of the last two weeks.

- The Crazy Computer Lady made another hilarious and confusing appearance.

- Paul Piatt treated us to a reading of “Dine and Dash”

- Bobby Kraft didn’t do a damn thing on his vacation and he’s proud of it.

- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand soooooooo much more! How DO we do it??? Nobody knows! Check it out ….



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