Saturday, April 25, 2015

Haylie and Hilary Duff for IWS Radio!

Hey IWS Radio fans all over the world! Haylie and Hilary Duff here to remind everyone that while Matt and Jay may argue over which of us is hotter we can all agree that neither of them would ever have a chance with us. We know that’s hurtful, but we’re just stating the obvious. Another obvious thing is that this week’s IWS Radio is gonna be a wild a crazy good time …

There's too much and not enough going on in the world right now. Well, at least in Matt-Man and Jayman's worlds. So, Matt and Jay are just hanging out shootin' the breeze and talking about whatever they think of this week. Maybe they'll touch on politics or sports or pop culture or just do some navel gazing. Who knows? One thing we do know is it will be funny. Probably.

April is National Poetry Month so there will be some rhyming going on and maybe even some hot haiku action! You just never know with these two talented and irreverent guys. Matt and Jay are obsessed with so many things yet they are very easily distracted. You have to pay close attention or you'll get lost trying to keep up with them.

There might be some trips down memory lane too. Matt and Jay and the gang might revisit some old ideas like "The Third Person Show" or maybe "The NPR Show." Or maybe they won't! That's just how wacky those two are! There will also be bad songs of the week and a discussion about Jayman's sudden love of punk rock and Frank Zappa.

Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to help entertain the masses. They've got a blank canvas this week and I know you can't wait to see what these artists paint this week. We know it won't be a boring old landscape and there won't be any happy little accidents! Plus they'll be taking your calls! The phone lines are always open at 661.244.9852!

Wow! We’re not gonna miss this one and neither should you! Just tune into “IWS Radio isn’t Dead, it Just Smells Funny” Sunday at 12 Noon ET! That’s 9 AM here on the west coast were we’ll be hanging out being hot and listening to the best show on internet radio! BE THERE!

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