Monday, February 9, 2015

Hangover Helper

Matt and Jay were able to overcome the effects of a loooooooong weekend and put together a pretty decent show for the masses this week. It was both Jamie and Matt’s birthdays this weekend and Jay was, as you would expect, celebrating with them. Lesser men might not have made it but Matt and Jay are both BIG STRONG MEN so they not only showed up they brought it! Whatever “it” is.

Matt talked about his rather uneven birthday.

Schmoop is suffering greatly from a toothache.

Jay has back pain and a general sense of uneasiness.

Bobby Kraft got drunk and babbled about something or another.

They’ve had great weather in God’s Country.

Matt-Man turned 50 and he’s feeling it.

Bill Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Oprah, Lady Ga Ga and Russell Brand all wished Matt a Happy Birthday.

Hangovers suck

Paige called in and regaled us with stories about her wild and crazy cousin.

Paul Piatt soothed our souls with beautiful poetry

The Worst Songs of the Week segment was full of amazing awfulness.

Brian Williams took a little trip down Memory Lane.

Drew Peacock got loose and turned up the heat!

Nat and Ken called in to sing to Matt!

There was some hangover remedy advice in there somewhere. Probably.

Karen sang some awesome Karaoke for us.

And soooooooooooo much more! Check it out y’all! 


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