Monday, January 19, 2015

Jon Gruden and Others Got Told What's What 'n Such

This week on IWS Radio Matt and Jay decided it was time to tell a few people to “Shut Your Whore Mouth.” Of course, it was meant in the most loving and supportive way.

Matt did a good deed for a customer, but it cost Schmoop her Fritos.

Jayman did a good deed for the Jaymom and was surprised by the offers of assistance from his neighbors.

Lots of IWS Radio coffee mugs got sent out to very deserving people.

Jesse Ferg isn’t impressed with Mark May, Teenagers, Walmart Shoppers and others.

Nurse Sherri has completed her diagnosis and it’s hurtful.

Naya Rivera is nasty and Brandi Glanville repeats rumors about Joanna Krupa and Matt and Jay are very disturbed.

Steve Emmerson told us all about “No Go Zones” in France and England.

Ted Nugent is a coward and all-around piece of shit human being.

Jon Gruden is just stupid. Really fucking stupid.

The “Worst Songs of the Week” choices were OMG awful songs!!!

Rush Limbaugh is tired of all the guilty white liberals.

Bobby Kraft shared some of the hilarity of FavStar with everyone.

Sarcastic Sam blew Chris “The Philadelphia Freak” Matthews up!

Whispering Willie has lost it!

ESPN’s Chris “BOOMER” Berman has a real potty mouth!

Then Matt and Jay told lots and lots of people to “SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!” Or something like that. Totally worth a listen! Maybe we ripped one of your favorite celebrities or pundits?


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