Monday, December 1, 2014

Nebraska, Santa Claus and Homeless Scott Stapp

Wooooo-Weeeeeee! What a show this week on IWS Radio! What made it special was there was absolutely no show prep whatsoever. Matt and Jay knew what the topic would be, but that was it. Needless to say Matt-Man and Jayman’s professionalism and raw talent won out and the end result was yet another EPIC show! What did they talk about? Welllllllll …..

Jay talked about some of the highlights of his annual Thanksgiving trip to Omaha, Nebraska

Things got off to a slow start with shortages of extra crispy chicken, slaw, ham and bourbon made in Iowa.

Then things improved dramatically with trips to local brew pubs, Thanksgiving dinner, apple pie and the assembling of storage units.

Matt-Man had a fried bologna sandwich.

The drive home from Nebraska was brutal with heavy traffic and debris in the road.

Schmoop made delicious Thanksgiving lasagna.

Jay found out about “no boil” noodles this week. Matt is skeptical.

Black Friday is stupid and needs to stop.

Arkansas and Notre Dame both lost, but there was a wide difference between the two teams effort and attitude at the end of the season.

Nobody likes Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. Not even his own players.

Matt and Jay made fun of a homeless guy. Sure, it was Scott Stapp, but still they made fun of a homeless guy.

Took sides in the War on Christmas.

Made fun of Gretchen Carlson who got into Stanford.

Took a little trip down memory lane and heard from Kim Frageelay.

Heard from Bobby Kraft and his thoughts on the Holidays.

Brought on Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf to preview the Grey Cup and announce our support for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats!

And soooooooooooooo much more! Definitely check it out!