Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dick Clark Knows..."The Hippest New Year's Eve Party Is On IWS Radio"

A rrrrrrrrockin…hellyo to all of youuuuuuse…The late annnnnd great thhhhhDick Clark here fuh
IW….etttttthsS Radyeeo.

If youuuuuuse litttttthen to one New Yeartttths Eve show thisssssth year make it IW…etttttthsS Radeyeeo. I mean…I know my name ittttths sssssstill on the Rockin’ Eve tttttthow but fuck Ryan Theeeeeeecreth.  He blowssssssss.

I want all of America to liiiiiiiiithen to Jjjjjjay and Ma….on IW…ettttttttths Radeyeeo ttttthisssss Thunday LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog tttthtalk Radeyeeo.  Allow me to provide a descripthun of what and who will be perrrrrrrrrforming accordingly to the IW…etttttths pessssth rewease….

Christmas is over, and New Year’s Eve and 2015 are breathing down upon our necks like a hungry wolf with a hot, foreboding, slobbery canine breath, so…Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team are here for you in order to ring in 2015 and right your personal ship before the tumultuous waves of 2015 begin to swell with anger, and leave you looking like a fool before you even begin your New Year.

Bobby Kraft, Paul Piatt, Rev. Moneymaker, and Guy Ahnyurdyck among others, are here to kick your New Year off right, all the while Jay and Matt talk about how Christmas went, who will die in 2015, and how they will be spending their New Year’s Eve and what makes a good NYE’s party.

Jay and Matt will also aggrandize some lucky people with IWS coffee mugs if they happen to be the lucky callers at 661.244.9852.  All of that plus a LIVE dropping of a PeTA member down a pole in place of a New Year’s Eve ball made of crystal lights.  Miss this show, and you are begging 2015 to make you her bitch!!

Whooooth and praise Jeeeeebuth that I didn’t have to sssssssay all of tthhhhhat.  So join Jjjjjjay and Ma as they ring in the New Year during thhhhhhheir Jjjjjjjay and Ma Are Drrrroppin Their Balllsth Thisth New Year’sttth Eve show.

Knowing thhhhhose two, I’m thure that the show will be a 100...It will have a good beat and be far less annoyingly metrattttthsexual tttthan Ryan Theeeeeeeecreth.  Boy!!  I am exhausted now.

To catch IW…etttttthS Radeyeeo LIVE tomorrow, click right HERE!!

Keep On Rockin’ tttthe New Year in every Year,

ThhhhhDick Claaaaarrrrrrk


I'm With Stupid said...

I had a little trouble reading what Dick wrote, but I got Kirk Douglas to translate for me.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Ha!! You just got a resounding and literal LOL from Schmoop of all people!! Cheers Jayman!!


Bum Wine Bob said...

Let the celebration begin! Cheers!

I'm With Stupid said...

Bob: You bethcha Bobcat. Cheers!!