Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Name on the Field Is Being Reviewed...By The FCC

Cheeeeeeeers and Happy Throwback Thursday to you all.

Today, I’d like to take us all back to 1984. Nooooooooo not the year, but the book by George Orwell.  That’s right!!

Those crazy dystopians of Oceania formed a government that would have no part of allowing their success be thwarted by politically incorrect words and distracting historical facts allowed to be uttered, printed, or otherwise broadcast.

Well America 2014?  Meet Big Brother 1984 who by the way, goes by the name of, the Federal Communications Commission…I hope you enjoy the potential slippery slope of newspeak (or nospeak) on which the FCC may take us down.

Okay, okay…I am speaking in Big Brother-type hyperbole about the dangerous nature of what the FCC is about to consider, but I feel the need to discuss it.

Over the past couple of years, relatively small, yet vocal groups have been calling on Washington Redskins owner Dan “Crazy Horse” Snyder to change the name of his NFL Football team to something else, because well…they find the name Redskins to be offensive and a slur against Native Americans.

That’s fine, and really, my dissertation is not about whether one finds the name offensive or not, my concern is that George Washington University law professor John “Activist Wolf” Banzhaf has filed a complaint with the FCC to deem “Redskins” an offensive word and have it stricken from acceptable use on television.

And…the FCC is considering hearing said professor’s petition.  Really?

C’mon man!!  The Redskins have been called the Redskins since like 1932...That’s 82 years…82 years and only now are the war drums of political correctness beginning to be drummed in cadence to profound governmental level.  Unbelievable.

Sure the trademark agency has taken away Crazy Dan’s trademark and what not, but now the government may consider taking away the right of broadcasters to call his privately owned team what they are called.

The FCC should not take up this issue. First of all…

It’s none of the FCC’s damn business, and the law weighs heavily on that no damn business side. Secondly…

The only people who give a fuck about the nickname are people who drive hybrids, coastal folks who on Sunday watch the Mahjong Channel rather than the NFL, and white Americans suffering from institutional guilt.

Lastly…The other week during a ’Skins game, announcer Phil Simms refused to utter the name, Redskins. If Phil Simms thinks dumping the name is a good idea, you know it’s not.

Stick to keeping free speech and communication alive FCC. Concentrate on preventing huge cable companies from merging, keep the internet open and free, and quit wasting your time on things that the free market will dictate by the hotness of a team's cheerleaders.


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I'm With Stupid said...

I'm all for the Washington football team changing its nickname. Banning the name on TV and radio by the FCC is just going too far though. Next thing you know they'll outlaw Chief Wahoo in Cleveland.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Chief Wahoo should be banned by the Cleveland Indians; that team needs Merlin as their mascot to do anything worthwhile. Cheers Jayman!!