Sunday, October 5, 2014

IWS Person of the Week...The Incredibly Odd IWS Radio Staff

IWS Radio has become one of the successful comedy shows in the history of  Blog Talk Radio, but your
IWS hosts Jay and Matt haven’t achieved that pinnacle of success without help.

No folks, while Jay and Matt may be behind the IWS Media empire, the various IWS correspondents who grace the airwaves of the internet are the soul and in fact the collective soul of the IWS Radio show, and…

They are the IWS Persons of the Week.

Our correspondents are like a herd of cats as they go off in all directions, but this odd conglomeration of media talent is tops in its field.

Foreign correspondent Guy Ahnyurdyck and his brash and unmarried ways are an abomination to the preachy and pious Rev. Moneymaker, however they both appreciate more than a few drinks from time to time.

Our homespun hero Bobby Kraft seems as mellow as a finely aged cheddar, but he lays it all out there, while our non-descript editorialist Mr. Vague seems to let the listener make up his or her mind as to what the hell he is talking about.

Our literary editor Paul Piatt is very particular about his words and tone, while KleeShay Johnson is more of a generalist, and yet…they both speak volumes 110% of the time.

Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf always leaves the audience with a smile and maple syrupy feel, while Schmoop typically leaves the audience with a “whatever” and a belch.

While Sports Director Slyder Balzcock gets all excited about the adventure in life that is the world of sports, Alarmist Weatherman gets frenetic about the impending death that Mother Nature is certain to lay upon us all.

And of course…Local Redneckville reporter Dixie Ozark finds the entire staff other than her to be more than a bit odd.

Lastly…Jay and Matt may seem to be of same mind, same spirit, and one soul, but not so fast my friends…Jay and Matt are quite the odd couple, but in order to find out how…

You’ll have to tune in to IWS Radio LIVE TODAY from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio as IWS Radio presents, Comedy Makes Strange Odd Couples.

We’ll be talking historical duos, comedic duos, and of course, the differences between Jay and Matt that they overcome in order to form the formidable comedic duo they are.

So listen LIVE Today from Noon-2 PM ET and chime in as well with your phone calls at 661.244.9852.

To join the oddities of IWS Radio click HERE!!


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