Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here's Some Headlines For Your Enjoyment

Holaaaaaaaaaaa! I think it’s time for more headlines, don’t you? Well, okay then …

Local man returns cat to the pet store because the cat doesn’t do anything cute or funny enough to make a video go viral on YouTube.

The U.S. State Department has order 160,000 hazmat suits to be used in case of an Ebola outbreak in the United States. Just enough for every member of the Duggar family.

Baltimore slugger Chris Davis was suspended 25 games after testing positive for PEDs. The league said Davis’ .176 batting average is what made them suspicious.

Neither John McCain nor Lindsay Graham will be on any of the Sunday talk shows as they have run out of countries on Earth for America to invade.

After months of endless strategy sessions trying to figure out how to deal with the popularity of minimum wage ballot measures in Arkansas, republicans have finally settled on a strategy. They’re just going to claim they’re in favor of the initiative and have been all along.

Nancy Pelosi: “Not to alarm anyone or anything, but if the republicans take over the senate it will be the end of civilization as we know it.”

Sarah Palin plans to save her “Sarah Palin Channel” from disappointing subscription numbers by playing the EPIC ALASKAN BRAWL on the channel 24/7.

“Orange is the New Black” creator has also decided that pussy is the new dick.

Ray Rice shows a lot of fight. Says he will appeal indefinite suspension and vows to beat it.

Lindsay Lohan is “determined” to win an Oscar. In related news, Jayman is “determined” to spend a weekend locked in a penthouse suite with Elizabeth Hurley.

Area man says after weeks of doing his best to avoid them, he has now ACCIDENTALLY seen all of the leaked nude pics of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence and feels terrible about it.

Theodore J. Flicker, the man who created “Barney Miller” gives up on trying to outlive Abe Vigoda. He was 84.

Robin Thicke admits to drug addiction and that he didn’t actually write “Blurred Lines.” Actually, nobody will admit to writing “Blurred Lines.”

The Minnesota Vikings have decided to activate Adrian Peterson despite his being indicted on child abuse charges. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell insists he hasn’t seen the pictures of the child’s injuries.

Urban Outfitters apologized for selling offensive Kent State shirts that had blood splatter stains on them. They also agreed to cancel the big order for “Sandy Hook Elementary” sweatshirts they were planning on selling this winter.

Coca-Cola is hoping to create a little 90’s nostalgia by bringing back Surge Cola. Also hoping to bring back 90’s nostalgia …. HILLARY CLINTON!

English golfer Andy Sullivan won a free trip to outer space for scoring a hole in one at the KLM Open over the weekend. Sullivan’s reaction was “what was wrong with just giving away cars like they used to?”

Kanye West stopped his concert in Australia the other night demanding that a man in a wheel chair stand up and dance like everyone else. After the show he asked a kid with no arms if he’d like to play catch. Then he challenged a man with one leg to a butt kicking contest. Then he told a blind man “I bet you’re really good at playing ‘Marco Polo.’” Then he was heard screaming “I SAID THANKS FOR COMING TO MY FUCKING SHOW! AREN’T YOU LISTENING? HOW ‘BOUT A FUCKING YOU’RE WELCOME?” to a deaf lady.


Mike said...

Headline - DRM police closing in on 'Area Man'.

I'm With Stupid said...

If Urban Outfitters want to create an offensive shirt they could make a shirt that says, "Kent State Football" on it. Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: DRM police only looking for the big targets. Probably.


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: Kent State football is so very offensive.