Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stupid Chuck Todd Takes over Meet the Press and PotW!

IWS proudly announces that our Person of the Week is NBC News’ Chuck Todd! Chuck was just named the new host of “Meet the Press!” He replaces fired gasbag David Gregory and will start immediately at his new job. NBC has long considered Chuck Todd one of their rising stars based on his political knowledge and ability to “interpret the numbers.”

Chuck is mostly know outside of Washington though as a guy with a really bad haircut and a room temperature IQ.

He burst onto the scene as NBC’s White House Correspondent by asking if President Obama might veto his own stimulus bill if no republican voted yes on it.

He also showed off his brilliance when he declared that the Democratic Party WISHED they had the amount of diversity the Republican Party had.

Perhaps his greatest moment ever though was when he asked President Obama at the height of the Great Recession as unemployment was heading for 10% and people were getting kicked out of their homes at an alarming rate why the President hasn’t ask for “something specific that the people should be sacrificing?”

Yeah, he’s a hell of a great guy who Washington insiders love and we have no doubt he will do a great job of making powerful political leaders as comfortable as possible on “Meet the Press.” Good job Chuckster!!! 

Hey, don’t forget to listen to our Season Four Finale on IWSRadio at 12 Noon ET!!! It’s gonna be a HUGE BLOWOUT! 


I'm With Stupid said...

The funny thing is, Chuck is a University of Miami grad and therefore probably on steroids, and yet, the steroids that he is taking are not performance enhancing. Cheers Jayman!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: And his wife started a consulting company that helps democratic candidates. ha


Katy Anders said...

It's always nice to know who will be doing the pointless interviews with John McCain every other Sunday:

"But, Senator, isn't the President doing exactly what you called on him to do two hours ago?"

McCain: "Now, [insert name here], I know you in the press like to play gotcha. But I think I know what I said two hours ago!"

[Insert name here]: "Okay, Senator. I guess I was wrong."

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