Saturday, July 26, 2014

MSJS: Too Hot to Handle

Matt gets freaky, Jay gets slutty, You get uncomfortable.

Matt: Glad you could make it!
Jay: I have two minutes to spare.
Matt: Spare where?
Jay: The clock said a minute 58 when I called.
Matt: Oh okay then.
Matt: Uh-huh
Jay: It said an hour 58 LEFT. I was two minutes
Matt: Late
Jay: Late
Matt: Right
Jay: Well these things happen
Matt: You are so understanding
Jay: Makes like easier to handle
Matt: Right. I guess so.
Jay: I don’t let little things bother me
Matt: Especially when YOU were the one who was late
Jay: Exactly!
Matt: Exactly!
Jay: No reason to beat myself up over.
Matt: What’s done is done I guess
Jay: There you go! That’s the attitude to have!
Matt: What just happened here?
Jay: Are we show prepping or what?
Matt: Or what?

Jay: Hey the new trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” is out.
Matt: Ewwwww
Jay: I bet the movie is gonna be hot!
Matt: Are you going to watch it?
Jay: Nooooooooooooooooooo
Matt: But, there will be some hot scenes in it!
Jay: I’ll find them online if I want to see them.
Matt: That’s a good plan.
Jay: Did you read the book?
Matt: Ha!
Jay: Is that a “no?”
Matt: That’s a “no.”
Jay: The women sure do seem to love it though.
Matt: Yeah, women like that sex fantasy stuff.
Jay: Hmmmm
Matt: Hmmmm

Jay and Matt: SEX SHOW!
Jay: Well not a live sex show.
Matt: Yeah, show ABOUT sex!
Jay: Whew! Right
Matt: Yeah, that was awkward.
Jay: We’ll have to set aside our usual decorum.
Matt: It won’t be easy.
Jay: I think it’s time to let loose.
Matt: And get down and dirty!
Jay: We can get some people to read their favorite erotica!
Matt: Maybe tell a few naughty stories.
Jay: We could give sex and relationship advice too.
Matt: Who would be better at sex advice than us?
Matt: Damn right!
Jay: You know? Sex is a pretty damn funny thing.
Matt: Oh hell yes it is. It’s hilarious.
Jay: If you do it the way we do.
Matt: Right. What?
Jay: We can talk about dirty movies
Matt: Dirty books
Jay: Dirty songs
Matt: Dirty people!
Jay: Fetishes
Matt: I guess
Jay: People have them!
Matt: True. No judging!
Jay: I guess
Matt: This is gonna be HAWT!
Matt: Weird as fuck!
Jay: I can’t wait!
Matt: Me either!!
Jay: I’ll bring the lube!
Jay: Sorry
Matt: See you Sunday
Jay: Right

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I'm With Stupid said...

I got my left nut pierced in order to to get ready for this episode. To have the right one pierced is simply crazy talk. Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: That's very disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jason Adams

SkylersDad said...

I am getting a Prince Albert as we speak to honor this fine day!

Anonymous said...

You need to Not get the other nut periced Matt .cause when your ready to get your shitt off it will be more intense :-)marianne

Anonymous said...

leave that other nut alone Matt.It will be more Intence for you next you have Nautical Sexxx:-) marianne

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