Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Miley Cyrus Bangerz on NBC Review

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y’all! I know it seemed like IWS would never return, but we have! I hope everyone’s Fourth of July weekend was as fun and exciting as mine was. It was full of family, burgers, brats, bourbon, beer, ice cream and laughs. Aaaaaaaaaand, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, on Sunday night I found out that NBC was airing a Miley Cyrus special! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Over the last few years NBC has been the most forward-thinking of the major networks and proves it again by airing a Miley Cyrus special including lots of footage from her Bangerz Tour shot in Barcelona. While CBS continues to produce shows for old people and ABC is being kept afloat by Sofia Vergara’s boobs, NBC is actually putting together programing that people are interested in. After hitting home runs with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, the folks at 30 Rockefeller Center knocked another one out of the park with this Miley special.

It all starts with Miley waxing philosophical about her place in the music and entertainment world. “When they’re there and I see the faces, I feel like they’re learning… and they feel safe in there,” Miley said in a stunning moment of self-awareness as the show began. “I think my fans feel safe in that room with me; I feel like they think that I’m some sort of leader and I’m giving them that push to go forward.” What was really amazing about a statement like that is that despite the massive crowds screaming her name, the sold out mega arenas and churning out hit after hit, Miley remains very down to Earth and humble. This reflects the fact that her upbringing at the hands of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus was far more grounded than people want to believe.

The special treated us to much of Miley live on stage in Barcelona and some behind the scenes moments with her and her family and fans. It was a really intimate and even heart-warming look into Miley’s life on the road. Probably the most surprising and touching moment came when Miley talked about the death of her dog Floyd. “I really made myself sick over it” said Miley as tears streamed from her caring and loving blue eyes down her rosy cheeks. Another great moment was the close up of Miley brushing her teeth. Sure, some people didn’t get that part, but remember many people see Miley as a leader. She was reminding them that gingivitis is no joke and to make sure they brush! I salute her for this and her amazing attention to detail.

There really isn’t any doubt that Miley is someone whose style, sophistication, class, work ethic and beauty are matched only by her talent. This comes through clearly during the two hour special that honestly could have gone for four or five hours and still been just as riveting and exciting. I think what makes Miley so easy to love and admire more than anything is how genuine she is. She isn’t the product of a marketing machine like say, Taylor Swift. She’s real and it comes through to us all the time.

A great example of this is when she was in the bathroom of her hotel suite with her brother playing guitar while she was beautifully belting out the words to a song by The Flaming Lips. If that had been Taylor Swift instead of being really casual wearing a t-shirt and short shorts, Tay-Tay would have had her makeup and hair perfectly done while wearing some outfit that had been focus group tested at least a dozen times while singing “Let it Go” from Frozen. Blech!

There are some legit questions that can be asked about Miley still. Does she ever wear pants? Personally, I’m okay with her leg show, but some people wonder if she has a full wardrobe.  Why does 53 year old Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips seem to follow her around so much and keep writing songs for her? That COULD get a little creepy, just sayin’. What was the deal with that Big Bird outfit she was wearing?

Mostly though, after watching this concert and listening to Miley’s amazing vocal talents and seeing her behind the scenes the only real question is “How could anyone ever question this girl’s talent or ability to stick around for the long haul again?” Miley Cyrus went a long ways to shutting up the haters, if not winning them over completely with this performance.  


I'm With Stupid said...

I have a new found love for her after reading this. I was so non-chalant and whatever about her before this. Thank you. Cheers!!


Mike said...

The money outfit and the particular pose in that shot make her look really cute. A nice departure from some of the publicity shots that have hit the media lately.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: I think people are starting to realize her extraordinary talent and are giving her a second look.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I can understand how she has tried to avoid the dreaded "cute, but not sexy" label. She might just have to accept it though.


Katy Anders said...

She was born right around the time Wayne Coyne's band had their one hit.