Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Every Change Has a Silver Lining

Cheeeeeeeers and a Happy Tuesday to all of you.  This is Tuesday, right?  I mean…

I am all confused of late as to what day it is because my routine has been altered, and I have yet to find my new day to day equilibrium.

Ya see?

After six months of being unemployed, a couple of weeks ago, my BFF/PSGF Schmoop returned to active duty in the world of jobdom, and I have yet to get used to it.

For nearly 180 days, Schmoop had been stationed within the Bagwine digs 24/7, and not only was I used to it, I liked it.  She would cook, clean, and more importantly, just always be there if something should arise.

And then she got a new job, which is wonderful both for her precarious mental health and our financial existence, but HOLY COW!!

I am not a rigid, train schedule, ABC, 123 kinda guy, but having somewhat of a routine is not a bad thing to have.

I was settled into a groove where Schmoop being off, she would make lunch before I went to the Beer Mine.  She would clean, grocery shop, or what have ya on certain days; she would help with the show every week whenever I needed her to, and well…she was always available to talk with.

And then?  BAM!!

This entire need for somewhat of a routine glaringly reared its ugly head yesterday as Jayman began our latest award winning IWS Radio Show, because...

In addition to the changes in my schedule precipitated by Schmoop going back to work, Jayman and I took a week or so off after our June 29th show.

With my mind already spinning and attempting to adapt to Schmoop not being around 24/7, and our hiatus from IWS Radio, I felt odd both prior to, during, and after yesterday’s show.

It’s funny…All day yesterday I felt like I was moving to a new section of town, entering a new grade in school, or getting a new job.  It just felt, for lack of a better word…weird.

I am not trying to be melodramatic, in fact, I find it funny that simple changes like Schmoop re-entering the workforce after a few months, which is a change for the better, can still upset the apple cart (or in this case, the potato salad cart) of one’s mindset.  Hell…Unlike Schmoop, I am not even the one experiencing the GREAT life altering change.


I am in no way a guy who enjoys a gray and stolid continuum of life, but I do like to get into a solid and dependable groove, and when it’s working I work with it…and enjoy it.

I know I will soon get used to the changes and be able to function without my current discombobulating, but what I missed most yesterday during the show other than not being on my A-Game?

Every Sunday, Jay and I tout Schmoop as our LIVE studio audience, which she is.  However yesterday, she was just there, because she had to think about, and get ready to go to work.  I am going to miss her laughter in the background of our shows.

The greatest thing to come out of all of this, however? Sunday night when Schmoop got home, she said to me…

“I am off on Tuesday.  You get off at 4.  We can get Taco Bell, drink beer, and listen to Sunday’s show.  I miss you.”

Every change has a silver lining.



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Jay said...

I just keep thinking of Schmoop wearing a hat and an apron and making potato salad. I think I need a minute alone.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Hold on to that thought because I see her when she comes home after working; it's not all that sexy looking. Cheers Jay!!


jAMiE said...

Awww how sweet...enjoy the show, Taco Bell and each other today, Matt.

I'm With Stupid said...

Jamie: We shall and thanks. Cheers Jaaaaaamie!!