Saturday, June 21, 2014

MSJS...I Got Your Expert Right HERE!!

Matt pontificates…Jay orates…You ask yourself, “Do they know what the hell they are talking about?”

Matt:  Jay?  Jay?  Jay?
(minutes pass)

Matt:  Hiya Chuckles.  Ow…oh the echo, echo echo echo.
Jay:  What the fuck?
Matt:  I don’t know what it is…what it is…what it is.
Jay:  There, I muted the host line.
Matt:  Better?
Jay:  Yes, much.

Matt:  Google phone screwed up again eh?
Jay:  I may have spoken prematurely…It was BTR’s fault.
Matt:  Fucking “Expert” Internet Radio Platform!!
Jay:  Oh yeah, they know everything about internet radio.
Matt:  Slackers.

Jay:  Y’know Matt…There are a lot of  self-proclaimed “experts” on Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio, etc.
Matt:  Oh Dear God…More than a handful…more like…A BILLION!!
Jay:  It’s annoying, depressing, but most of all…
Matt:  Funnier than shit!!
Jay:  Ha.  I know right?  Let’s make fun of, er, I mean celebrate, the “experts” this week,
Matt:  Excellent call.  We could start with Facebook advice givers who care about everybody.
Jay:  Oh dear God…What they’re really doing most of the time is chiding others.
Matt:  Who else?

Jay:  Dr. Oz…Dr. Phil…Soccer “experts” who come out of the closet every four years for the World Cup.
Matt:  Foreign relations/military experts who have never been a diplomat nor in the military.
Jay:  The next door neighbor who knows what Kenyans look like…and knows they look a lot like Obama.
Matt:  So many phony experts to berate  like Jenny McCarthy, and so little time.

Jay:  We’ll show them expertise alright.
Matt:  Damn right, and Jayman…We can talk about the Great Velveeta Recall of 2014.
Jay:  You and Schmoop must be beside yourselves.
Matt:  M’eh…we’ll talk about it.
Jay:  Oh and Matt-Man…The Fashion Center Mall in Redneckville is dead. We could buy it and make it our new headquarters!!
Matt:  We should DEFINITELY talk about that.

Jay:  Man…That’s a lot of quality entertainment at a fair price to cover.
Matt:  It sure as hell is.
Jay:  Oh and I almost forgot.  Bobby Kraft will be interviewing Ben Franklin LIVE on Sunday’s show.
Matt:  Get outta here!!
Jay:  It’s true!!
Matt:  Jesus Christ…How do we manage to provide this much entertainment week in and week out?
Jay:  I’ll tell you how.
Matt:  How?

Jay:  Well…Four out of five internet experts agree…IWS Radio is the funniest God Damn show on BTR.
Matt:  And who can argue with that?
Jay:  Well…WE will…this Sunday during the, Internet Experts and Know It Alls episode of IWS Radio.

Matt:  Can’t wait Jayman.
Jay:  Me neither.  Now…Let’s Do Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

To catch IWS Radio LIVE this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET, click HERE.


jAMiE said...

Sounds like a premium show full of information and much laughter...I shall be listening, from my bed, of course!

I'm With Stupid said...

Jamie: Oh HELLLLLLLLLL Yeah.I'll be stuttering during the show now knowing that. Cheers Jaaaaaaaamie!!


I'm With Stupid said...

We're gonna put clown suits on all these smart pants a-holes.