Saturday, June 7, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said...1-800-222-1222

Matt pivots…Jay redirects…You roll with the changes.

Matt:  Guten Tag Mi Ami!!
Jay:  What?  German and French in the same greeting?
Matt:  I hail from Alsace Loraine, so…um…okay…How the hell are ya?
Jay:  Awesome…this not writing on the blog nearly all week is liberating.
Matt:  I know, and I got a lot done because we took a break from the blog.

Jay:  Oh man, so did I.
Matt:  Oh yeah?  Like what?
Jay:  Well, you brought it up; why don’t you go first.
Matt:  Just a A LOT of stuff, and you?
Jay:  Tons o’shit done too, and if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.

Matt:  I’m glad the break worked out well for both of us.
Jay:  I did have some ideas to kinda tweak the show.
Matt:  Are you getting rid of me?
Jay:  Are you kidding?  How could I ever do that?  After all, you paid half of the premium fee.
Matt:  And if I hadn't?
Jay:  Are you kidding me?  After all, you paid half of the premium fee.

Matt:  Uh-huh, anyhoo…What are some of your tweak-deas?
Jay:  I thought we could do a quiz show of some type.
Matt:  Who doesn't like that?
Jay:  Communists…and vegans.  Annnnnnd perhaps we could have our correspondents interview each other.
Matt:  That would be awesome.

Jay:  I was thinking about the You Tube and Facebook pages.
Matt:  Perhaps we could save that for the show.
Jay:  I guess.
Matt:  I know what would be an exciting change and enhancement for the show.
Jay:  What’s that?
Matt:  More callers.
Jay:  Holy Cow Dude.  When you dream, you dream BIG!!
Matt:  I know, right?

Jay:  Well we can discuss some of the changes and additions we’d like to make, but what else?
Matt:  Lessee….Hey!!  Sunday is Best Friend Day!!  And Name Your Poison Day!!
Jay:  We could talk about the crazy friends we have had over the years.
Matt:  And talk about the “poisons” we are addicted to.
Jay:  Hell yeah, food, sex, alcohol, drugs.  There are many types of poisons out there.
Matt:  Oh hell Jayman, guess what?
Jay:  What?
Matt:  Sunday is also Canadian River Day.
Jay:  Get outta here!!  I have always been addicted to Canadian rivers.  Jamie Mapleleaf could chime in.
Matt:  Damn right.

Jay:  Bobby Kraft and KleeShay Johnson can chime in on something or something as well.
Matt:  Guy Ahnyurdyck needs to update us on the demise or resurrection of Stubby Stonhenge.
Jay:  And you know what?  With all of the changes afoot, it would be nice to have Ma Tibbles bring about some comfort of the typical.
Matt:  Praise Jesus!!

Jay:  Aight.  I think we are ready.
Matt:  I know we are.
Jay:  So I hope everyone joins us for Name Your Poison and Make Some Changes on IWS Radio tomorrow.
Matt:  LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.
Jay:  You can catch all of the hilarity AND CALL IN…
Matt:  By clicking HERE.


I'm With Stupid said...

Only people with extraordinary talent could make this topic into a great show. Hope we find some by Sunday. Hey-OOOOOOOOO!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: It will be interesting if anything at all, or something. Cheers!!