Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy Issues and HAWT Babes

Jay made a happy discovery about his food safe gloves.

Matt shared a couple of great Beer Mine stories about Boris and some stupid dad who is obviously going to be an enabler for his over-privileged entitled kid.

Slyder Ballscock covered the U.S. Open, World Cup and NBA Finals as only Slyder can.

Jay told about a couple of Slyderisms he heard this week from other sportscasters and a Facebook post.

Jay gave a little history lesson about Father’s Day started by ARKANSAS’ OWN Sonora Scott Dodd!

IWS World News broke the very unfortunate news of Casey Kasem’s passing and played a tribute to him.

Jay gave a shout out to his new friend on Twitter, Ken Caillat the father of the gorgeous and super talented Coblie Caillat.

Aunt Jackie rocked the house with her rendition of “Time of the Season”

Jay used the show as therapy to talk about the very complicated relationship he had with his dad.

Matt bragged about what a great guy HIS dad was and rubbed it in.

Ma Tibbles did her best to make things better.

Rev. Richard Moneymaker gave a very sad sermon.

Rick Perry advertised his new chain of GayHab Centers.

Then things got HAWT and wild as the uber lovely and wonderful Warrior Kat AND our favorite hot, sexy, hung over Jewess Sweet Pea both called in and put a smile on everyone’s face!!

Definitely give this one a listen! 



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In a word...awesome. Cheers!!


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