Saturday, March 8, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said 661.244.9852 Spring Edition

Matt LOL’s, Jay ROFL’s, You LYFAO

Matt: Hiya!
Jay: Save it for the show!
Matt: Save what?
Jay: I know you had something funny to say.
Matt: No I didn’t.
Jay: You’re not funny anymore?
Matt: Of course I am.
Jay: So you had something funny to say.
Matt: Well I don’t have to be funny 24/7!
Jay: I guess.
Matt: Anyway … I forgot what I was going to say now.
Jay: It probably wasn’t funny anyway.
Schmoop: BAM!

Matt: Schmoop is in the kitchen.
Jay: Where she belongs!
Matt: Damn right!
Jay: What’s she doing in there?
Matt: Making tuna salad.
Jay: I did that last weekend.
Matt: I know you inspired me.
Jay: I’m very inspirational.
Matt: Yes you are.
Jay: HEY! Put Schmoop on.
Matt: She’s pretty busy. Why?
Jay: I gotta ask her something.
Matt: What is it, I’ll ask her.
Jay: It’s better if I ask her myself.
Matt: Now I really need to know what it is.
Jay: I need to ask her how her tuna tastes.
Matt: No, no you don’t.
Jay: I really do.
Matt: You really don’t.
Jay: Ask her for me.
Matt: I’m not doing it.
Jay: Oh you’re pretending to be a grown up now?
Matt: Just this once.
Jay: Whatever.
Matt: Sorry to ruin your fun.
Jay: I bet it’s delicious.
Matt: God damn right it is!

Matt: I’m so done with winter.
Jay: You and me both.
Matt: I shoveled the parking lot Monday just because I was bored.
Jay: That’s sad.
Matt: IKR?
Jay: We need a way to force the weather to change to spring.
Matt: If anyone can will that to happen it’s us.
Jay: Well then why don’t we!
Matt: Let’s do it!
Jay: We’ll celebrate spring!
Matt: Right. We have to spring forward anyway.
Jay: Oh that’s right!
Matt: Of course, this will cause trouble for so many people.
Jay: It’s a very hard concept to understand.
Matt: I know, but I love it.
Jay: I hate it.
Matt: It’s not THAT hard to change the time in your car.
Jay: I know, but I never think about it until I’m already driving.
Matt: You’ll be okay!

Jay: Anyway, we’re springing spring on folks this week?
Matt: Let’s do it.
Jay: We’re couple of rays of sunshine anyway.
Matt: We bring light and warmth to the people.
Jay: That we do.
Matt: Also, Guy has a response to Kirk’s cheap shot last week.
Jay: Oh really? I can’t wait to hear it.
Matt: How Bobby Kraft?
Jay: I haven’t talked to him, but I’m sure he’s beside himself.
Matt: Plus we need another Schmoop update this week.
Jay: More sunshine to spread around!
Matt: You know it!
Jay: Maybe some meditation from Martin.
Matt: Possibly Stubby Stonehenge discussing allergy season.
Jay: And maybe Kirk with Tornado Season Preparedness!
Matt: Always necessary!
Jay: And who knows what else!
Matt: Could be all kinds of surprises.
Jay: I can’t wait!
Matt: Me either!

So be sure to tune into IWS Radio on Sunday at 12 Noon ET for “Force Feeding Spring” and celebrate winter’s demise with us!

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I'm With Stupid said...

I feel a spring in my step and a song in my heart already.