Tuesday, March 11, 2014

IWS Radio's Very Own Mr. Vague: A. Mann

Greetings and a virtual head nod of acknowledgement to you…

Due to that incredibly annoying computer problem that we have all dealt with from time to time, I ended up coming across Jay and Matt doing that talk thing that they did this past Sunday on that site that allows people to talk in some talk radio type atmosphere.

I’m sure you know the site that I am talking about, but anyway, I thought the talk thing that they did was good to a point, so…

I emailed one or both of them and let them know that not only did listening to their talk radio thing help me to calm somewhat down from my computer problem and kill not quite an hour, but certainly more than several minutes, they helped me to save $78.52 in the process.

And I’m pretty certain that you know the reason for that!!

Because of the email I sent one or both of them, I was asked if I would like to post onto this website.

I replied that perhaps I would, and maybe tomorrow or someday in the not too distant nor too far future, that I might, and if I do post, it will probably show up on the website.

Well last night as I was preparing a dinner consisting of controversial ingredients for which I have received a modicum of accolades, I decided I would write a few, if not too many, words upon this website and somewhat introduce myself.

I hail ever so obscurely from a town that rests near the border of Illinois and Indiana.  A town that nearly became famous in 1974 because of the natural gas related accident that forever changed the lives of dozens.

My name is A. Mann, and frankly…writing this piece for IWS is rather liberating.

Putting some of myself “out there” allows me to somewhat let down my average length hair, and brings that subdued look of joy to my face that was duly noted by an acquaintance of mine during a personal reunion of sorts, some years ago.

Anyhoo…I pursued and attained a Bachelor’s degree at the university which you all, and I sometimes as well, love to hate.  But…let’s keep this positive.

Upon graduating with my degree, I moved away from my hometown and got a job with a corporation located in close proximity to, but on neither side of the Wasatch Mountains.  In fact…

It is not really a full blown corporation per se, it is more of a sole-proprietorship, but that matters not, as my mailing address is a P.O. Box which contains a Zip Code that while near to Texas, lies just outside, and is nowhere near the area upon which my cabin home along the banks of the Columbia River rests.

This has been a fun first step toward introducing myself to you, and I thank Jay and Matt for giving me the platform on which to do so.

I hope to more or less chat with you in the future, and remember…

I am much more average than some, yet less so than others.

Somewhat Sincerely,

A. Mann

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I'm With Stupid said...

That dude is fascinating for various reasons that I'm sure you totally understand.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Well..? Yes and No. Cheers Jayman!!