Monday, February 10, 2014

The Olympics, American Idol and Valentine's Day

Everyone crowded into the Love Shack for another epic episode of IWS Radio this week and things got heated up in a hurry! Oh yeah! Matt-Man and Jayman took some time to review the brutal cold and snow of the last two weeks since our last show. Matt has been shoveling snow non-stop for what seems like forever and Jay has to clear snow and ice off his car and just pray that it starts every other day. We’ve both had enough of this shit!

We gave a special IWS Radio shout out to the one and only Jamie, our favorite Canadian who celebrated a birthday this week! Then, Jamie did a Love, Canadian Style report for us. Turns out those Canadians not only celebrate Valentine’s Day just like we do, they do it better. Of course they do!

There was also a shout out to Redneckville, Arkansas’ very own Tessa Kate who made it to Hollywood on American Idol! With that comes not only the support of our vast and diverse worldwide audience, but a standing invitation to Tessa to come on the show anytime she likes!

Then we got down and dirty talking about V-Day and all the good and bad things about this silly made up holiday. Okay, mostly the bad. In fact, there isn’t much good about it at all. We did give the guys some advice on how to try and make it a good day for their women, but we all know whatever they do, it won’t be enough. But, Bobby Kraft did explain how, with a little planning it could be a win-win situation!

The Schmoopster updated us on the wild and crazy times of an unemployed chick. She talked about how exciting it was to attend an Employment Seminar and all the wonderful folks she met. Oh! And a nice older gentleman who lives close to the Bagwine Digs who has taken a bit of a shine to Schmoop. What a sweet story that was!

Slyder Balzcock reported live from Sockeye, Russia located on the banks of the Yellow Sea to tell us what all is happening at the Olympics. Also a nice shout out from the IWS Radio crew to Olympic skater Gracie Gold who grew up mostly in a town not too far from Redneckville! We’re all pulling for you Gracie!!

Paul Piatt brought his A-game this week with some really uplifting and hopeful poetry! Drew Peacock voiced an ad for Kinky Karen’s Good Vibrations stores! That was HAWT! And of course Joshua debuted his first every movie review! Since it was a Valentine’s Show he decided to review “Brokeback Mountain” and boy does that sound like a great movie!

Plus we took a call from Debbie in New Jersey and talked Superstorm Sandy, Chris Christie, riding the bus to school, Catholic school girls and their sexy uniforms and all kinds of other fun stuff! What an awesome person Debbie is!

All that and soooooo much more y’all! Totally check this show out! Please?

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I'm With Stupid said...

The show was was was very American. Cheers Jayman!!


Edyta said...

Who are we rooting for at the Olympics? And have you seen what my fellow Lithuanians wore at the opening ceremony? THAT.

jAMiE said...

I haven't stopped listening...every chance i get!

Twas a fun show.