Saturday, December 28, 2013

Matt Said Jay Said Amy Adams is Hot

Matt hustles, Jay bustles and You rustle …

Matt: Yo
Jay: Hola
Matt: What’s up?
Jay: Not much. How do I sound?
Matt: Wait! Don’t speak yet.
Jay: Wha…
Matt: Shhhhhhhhhhhh
Jay: Why?
Matt: The prep session isn’t being recorded yet.
Jay: I know, but we can ..
Jay: Oh I won’t, don’t worry.
Matt: Let’s wait until the recording starts just in case.
Jay: Okay.


Matt: Okay then! What’s up?
Jay: Oh nothing, how do I sound?
Matt: You’re clear but … not really an echo …
Jay: Do I sound like I’m in a room with no furniture?
Matt: Exactly!
Jay: I’m experimenting with my new microphone.
Matt: Ohhhhhhhhh … Well it sounds really clear.
Jay: Cool beans!

Matt: How was Christmas?
Jay: It was very nice. How was yours?
Matt: It was most excellent.
Jay: Well that’s great to hear. How was the Mac & Beef?
Matt: Freaking delicious! How was the steak?
Jay: Succulent.
Matt: That’s great. Schmoop is hung over.
Jay: Awwww. Poor Schmoop.
Matt: She’ll be okay.
Jay: She’s better than “okay” she is alright!
Matt: Damn right she is!
Jay: How are the New Balances?
Matt: I’m walking on clouds Jayman!
Jay: Are the comfy enough to sleep in?
Matt: No, I don’t do that, but..
Schmoop: You did yesterday!
Matt: Well, yeah I took a little nap with them on yesterday.
Jay: And when you woke up your feet felt refreshed, right?
Matt: Very!

Jay: Sooooo what are we talking about this week?
Matt: Well, it’s the show before New Year’s so I guess that’s it?
Jay: That makes sense.
Matt: We like to make sense on IWS.
Jay: Totally. We can make predictions for 2014.
Matt: And celebrity death pool!
Jay: Of course!
Matt: And maybe some resolutions.
Jay: Maybe a little look back on 2013.
Matt: And then talk about how awesome 2014 will be!
Jay: Hell yeah! Positive radio!
Matt: Paul Piatt has some thoughts on that.
Jay: As does the Rev Moneymaker.
Matt: Well I would think so. You know what we could do?
Jay: What’s that?
Matt: We could swap characters for a week.
Jay: Okay. Like which ones.
Matt: Well, you could be Guy Ahnyurdyck?
Jay: Ha! And you could be Drew Peacock!
Matt: Awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh!
Schmoop: Oh God!
Jay: It’s brilliant!
Matt: That’s Schmoop’s seal of approval.
Jay: Oh and I believe we’ll have Smugly Superior Dana too!
Matt: Sweeeeeeeeet!
Jay: Damn, this is gonna be pretty HUGE!
Matt: God only knows what else we’ll come up with.
Jay: Our creative brilliance knows no bounds.
Matt: It better not, cause we’re moving to PRIME TIME BABY!
Jay: IKR?! We’re ready!
Matt: We better be!
Jay: We’re not afraid of the bright lights.
Matt: We’ll rise to the occasion.
Jay: 2014 is gonna be huge
Matt: IWS Radio Bigger …
Matt: There we go!
Jay: Let’s do this!  

Okay then! Be sure to check out “IWS Radio 2014: Bigger andStoopider” Sunday at 8 PM ET!! Note the time change! Prime Time baby!!!

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