Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Brings Us All Together...Or Something

Happy First Monday after the Second Sunday of Advent, whatever the hell that means…


Today I was going to wax poetically and party like on the fun that is the office Christmas Party, however, the premeditated pandemonium of today’s post has been tempered by one, Jimmy Stewart, et al.

I merely posted an innocent joke on Facebook last night that stated the following:

I see on the scroll at the bottom of the TV that most Baptist Churches are closed tonight due to bad weather, so you'll have to hate your neighbors at home tonight.

I thought it was a mildly funny joke in between football games, but boy howdy, it clicked the ignition switch to on for a few folks.

Okay…first off, Jayman, one of the few people who “gets me”, posted a picture of a rimshot drummer.

I appreciated that, and things were off to a swimmingly fun, religious based joke session with plenty of “likes”.

And then?  Things turned ugly, and more importantly, really fucking stupid in a way that reminds a person with half of a thinking mind…

“Could you please remember that anyone and everyone can read this, before you post this?”

Playing lead-off hitter of hate, was former IWS intern and white supremacist Jim Stewart, who commented oddly enough…

“WOW…and you talk about me being a bigot”

Holy Cow…

When I am called a bigot by Little Jimmy Stewart, he has either lost his mind or damn, I am the incarnation of Adolph Hitler.  I am guessing the former, because really?  I dig chicks who get on top and take control of my empire, not the other way around.

Following that, the comments turned to varying degrees of the existence of God.

And then, a sweet lady named Karen chimed in, and far removed from the typical Facebook hit and skip bluster and bullshit Little Jimmy had divested out earlier, she said unto me…

“Just know this. Many people have been through many things without God, but then, when they believe, they realize that it could have been much easier if they had known God then”

My reply to her was…

“I believe that to be true and I am one who subscribes to that line of thought, but there are people who live their lives being horrid human beings all the while insisting that they believe in God. Grace without works is an empty faith, and a path to hell.”

Whenever in doubt about religious comments, teachings, or pithy quips, I always go back to my namesake…Matthew.

He wrote of grace and what, if one is to adhere to any religion or list of beatitudes, should follow.

That is exactly what Christmas is about.  Grace.

Being the better person.  Being the better human being.  Being the better you.

If we all did that, the world would be a better world, and that is the best Christmas present anybody could get.

And...If that isn't enough, and speaking of phone sex operators, we had one on yesterday on the IWS Radio Show, and she was AWESOME!!

Candice rocked the house as she spoke on everything sex operator line chick.  She was samrt, sweet, and informative so check it out...


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I'm With Stupid said...

It's funny how people took a joke about Baptists as an ATTACK ON ALL CHRISTIANS! That's because they think they ARE the only REAL Christians.

Candice was freaking awesome!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: I don't understand it Jayman, but I do agree, Candice was AWESOME!! Cheers!!


Mike said...

'...wax poetically...'

So you got a brazillion while quoting your dad?

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Maybe...are you one of those judgy types? Cheers Mike!!

Dana said...

I'm so proud of my mom! Her first mention in a blog post!!

I'm With Stupid said...

Dana: Ha...And I mentioned her as a "sweet lady" no less. Cheers Dana!!


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