Saturday, November 2, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said...11032013

Matt shames.  Jay seeks.  You say, “That sounds about right.”

Matt:  How the hell are ya?
Jay:  I’m good.  I feel like a new person.
Matt:  Really?  In a good way?  Wow, why is that?

Jay:  Well, I am branching out socially.  I am seeking out new friends on social media sites.
Matt:  Why?
Jay:  Because I strongly yearn to meet new and interesting people.
Matt:  You?  Seriously?
Jay:  Well, yeah…in part…and it helps to pad my friends and follower numbers.
Matt:  I see…

Jay:  Dude…It’s all about building relationships.
Matt:  Relationships are important if not intrusive, whether we want them or not.
Jay:  Exactly.  And man…I am building them.  My efforts have garnered us like 20 “likes” on our FB page.
Matt: I saw that.
Jay:  And I have met a few folks who have thus far pretended to like me for the time being.
Matt:  Well Hell…That makes it all worthwhile.
Jay:  I know, right?

Matt:  Hmmmmmm….
Jay:  What?  Did you just think of something deep, or are you experiencing an aneurysm?
Matt:  Y’know, Jayman…This Sunday we could talk about relationships.  All types of relationships.
Jay:  Relationships do come in many different packages.
Matt:  Yes they do.

Jay:  There are your friend relationships and family relationships.
Matt:  Neighbor and co-worker relationships.
Jay:  Relationships with your pets and other animals.
Matt:  Sexual relationships.
Jay:  Mmmmmmmmm…Sexual relati---um, sorry…Facebook relationships.
Matt:  Twitter relationships.
Jay:  Stumble Upon relationships.

Matt:  I don’t have any of those.
Jay:  I know…That’s why you never get any Stumble love on your posts.
Matt:  It’s so hard though.  I’d have to follow other Stumblers.
Jay:  It’s a cross that we must all bear in order to get our stories out.
Matt:  Okay…Maybe I’ll work on that.
Jay:  Good Boy.

Matt:  Sometimes, relationships go bad and it is very sad.
Jay:  Oh I know, and sometimes in addition to going bad, they get really funny while doing so.
Matt:  We wouldn’t want to talk about how bad relationships can be funny would we?
Jay:  Noooooooooooooo.

Matt and Jay:  Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Jay:  Alright then…The Relationship Show it is.
Matt:  We’ll cover every aspect of every type of relationship that exists.
Jay:  We can even talk about how some doctors have ended their relationship with us.
Matt:  Man, it will be painful to talk about, but…we’re professionals.

Jay:  And of course, we’ll be taking phone calls from our diverse and worldwide audience.
Matt:  That right there is a hot relationship.
Jay:  Damn right.

Matt:  I think we’re ready.
Jay:  I think so too, but are we ready for a committed relationship?
Matt:  I guess we’ll find out this Sunday from Noon-2 PM Eastern STANDARD Time.
Jay:  Indeed, can’t have a show relationship with folks if folks don’t set their clocks back!!

Matt:  Until Sunday Jayman!!
Jay:  Word.

To catch all of the IWS Radio hilarity on Blog Talk Radio LIVE this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET, click HERE.


I'm With Stupid said...

Developing and maintaining relationships is hard work. Sometimes I don't think I'm up to. It just hurts too much when it all goes bad.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Dude, I feel your pain, and the pain of a thousand bad relationships that I have had. Cheers Jayman!!


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