Saturday, October 26, 2013

Matt Said Jay Said 8706882906

Matt: Hellooooo! Bagwine residence, gentleman of the house speaking!
Jay: Yo
Matt: You’re supposed to answer in a British accent.
Jay: I can’t do one.
Matt: And you call yourself a performer.
Jay: Oh I can perform.
Matt: STOP! Let’s not go there.
Jay: Your fault, you used “performer.”
Matt: Maybe I should have used “entertainer.”
Jay: I would have had no snappy comeback for that.
Matt: You would have said some smart ass thing.
Jay: That’s just who I am though.
Matt: That’s all anyone wants you to be.
Jay: I guess. Probably.
Matt: Yeah, probably.
Jay: What’s for dinner?
Matt: Turkey Tetrazzini
Jay: Excellent! I’m having chicken stew.
Matt: You are the Stewmeister!
Jay: I’m going to put that on my Twitter bio.
Matt: That will bring all the babes to your yard.
Jay: Where they can pick up the empty beer cans.
Matt: And then make you a sandwich.

Jay: Ooooooo I just got poked by *NAME REDACTED*
Matt: Oh really? That’s hawt!
Jay: Aaaand I got poked by *Name Redacted*
Matt: I don’t really like her.
Jay: I want to fuck her.
Jay: What?
Matt: You want to what her?
Jay: What are you talking about?
Matt: What you just said.
Jay: I said “I’m lucky to know her.”
Matt: I really don’t think that’s what you said!
Matt: My hearing isn’t going THAT FAST!
Jay: I think it is.
Matt: I’m appalled at you.
Jay: You’ll get over it.
Matt: MAYBE!

Jay: Oh hey!
Matt: Yes?
Jay: What is a Wiccan?
Matt: Well, someone who believes in Wicca.
Jay: And Wicca issssss?
Matt: Uhh .. Well, it’s complicated.
Jay: Are they witches?
Matt: Not really. It’s nature that has magical powers.
Jay: Fascinating.
Matt: It is! Why do you ask?
Jay: I think we should have a Wicca expert on for our Halloween show.
Matt: Well, it just so happens I know someone who knows someone!
Jay: Sweet!
Matt: Wicca High Priest James Smith!
Jay: Well get him on the show!
Matt: DONE!
Jay: Oh man! This is gonna be HUGE!
Matt: IKR?! Now we have to do actual prep!
Jay: Whoa! I hadn’t thought about that.
Matt: Maybe some research.
Jay: Maybe even more than Wikipedia
Matt: Things just got real.
Jay: We can do it!
Matt: Damn right we can!
Jay: Okay then! I’m excited!
Matt: Me too!
Jay: Okay, bye.
Matt: Later

Be sure to join us as we welcome Dr. James Smith to IWSRadio on Sunday at 12 Noon ET! We will be learning all about Wicca and Druidism and maybe he’ll even teach us a good spell to use on someone!

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I'm With Stupid said...

Y'know? Maybe Holly Marie-Combs would have been a better guest. Mmmmmmm, Holly. Cheers Jayman!!