Saturday, September 28, 2013

Matt Said Jay Said 8 28 38 49

Matt: Let’s make this quick.
Jay: Good plan! Those fish sticks seemed …. “off.”
Matt: I didn’t need that shared with me.
Jay: I want to share my life with you.
Matt: That’s sweet, but don’t.
Jay: Hey now! You’ve never hesitated to overshare with me.
Matt: That’s different.
Jay: Oh.
Matt: Good.
Jay: Wait!
Matt: Oh God, here we go.
Jay: How is it different?
Matt: It just is.
Jay: I don’t think that’s a good enough answer.
Matt: I’m known for my oversharing.
Jay: And?
Matt: You’re not.
Jay: So?
Matt: Let’s just both stay in our lane.
Jay: Ohhhhhhh … Okay.

Jay: Oh hey!
Matt: Yes?
Jay: We’re gonna introduce a new segment this week!
Matt: With a new LIVE correspondent.
Jay: Smugly Superior w/ Dana!
Matt: The role she was born to play.
Jay: Hell yeah. Not much of a stretch for her.
Matt: Well, you start with what you know.
Jay: True.
Matt: Is she gonna dis Breaking Bad?
Jay: I’m sure of it.
Matt: Good! I’m sick of hearing about that show.
Jay: You and me both.
Matt: It can’t possibly be THAT good.
Jay: I don’t see how. 

Matt: So what else for Sunday?
Jay: Another new segment. Tribute to the McLaughlin Group
Matt: Ha! I love that crazy old bastard.
Jay: He’s the greatest.
Matt: Oh! It’s “Confucius Day”
Jay: Really? We could work with that!
Matt: Especially when is lesser known brother PROfucius shows up.
Jay: I bet he’s ALMOST as brilliant as Confucius.
Matt: Yeah, ALMOST.
Jay: There’s lots of China stuff we can talk about.
Matt: Definitely.
Jay: What else?
Matt: Two words: Ted. Cruz.
Jay: HA! Is he still talking?
Matt: We’ll check in on Sunday.
Jay: I bet he’s reading off inspirational speeches from movie.
Matt: And maybe some other crazy-ass stuff.
Jay: That’s awesome.
Matt: And Paul Piatt
Jay: And EVEN MORE Drew Peacock
Matt: Schmoop loves him.
Jay: I know she does.
Matt: She just has a funny way of showing it.
Jay: And we’ll throw other stuff in as it comes up.
Matt: We can do it!
Jay: Oh the show title.
Matt: Hmm ….
Jay: Freaking brilliant.
Matt: Damn we’re good.

That’s “Cussin’ the Egg Rolls” this Sunday at 12 Noon ET on IWS Radio. Be there or something really terrible might happen. I mean, probably not, but why risk it? 


Mike said...

McLaughlin - Good God I can't stand him. Bye Byyyyyyye.

I'm With Stupid said...

WRONNNNG!! Cheers!!


Dana said...

I'll have you both know that I have to work really, REALLY hard to come across as smug ...


Maybe not ...